Month: October 2011

  • Turnigy 9x – Xieda 9958 Throttle Curve

    Turnigy 9x – Xieda 9958 Throttle Curve

    I recently purchased a Turnigy 9x and am in the process of setting up my preferred throttle curves for it. So I figure I’d share. From my understanding, being able to set your throttle curve is the benefit of setting up the initial profile as a “heli” instead of “acro”. To get to the throttle […]

  • MLP4DSM DSM2 Module versus Xieda 9958

    The range on the Xieda 9958 isn’t that great. If you open up the transmitter, you’ll notice that there is no antenna wire connected to the 2.4ghz module. For comparision, take a look at the inside of the E-Flite MLP4DSM transmitter.

  • Alternative Battery Mount Location

    I am currently testing out how mounting the battery lower affects the flight characteristics of the 9958. It seems like it’s improving the pivot on bank turns…but I need further testing and/or feedback from others.

  • New E-Flite Blade mSR X

    The folks at E-Flite just released a new fix-pitched micro heli. It’s similar to the popular mSR except it’s flybarless courtesy of the AS3X Digital Flybarless system that’s already in used on the mCP X. The new mSR X is touted to be a intermediate step up from the mSR, and not a replacement. Along […]

  • iPhone 4 iOS 5 Jailbreaking using RedSnow

    The highly anticipated iOS5 was released for the iPhone 4. This is the first major release version that had a working jailbreak from day one. Check out the video I made on how to jailbreak the iPhone. In the video, you get to see the easiest method I came up with to put the iPhone […]

  • 9958 with Carbon Fiber Main Shaft

    9958 with Carbon Fiber Main Shaft

    Fabricated a carbon fiber main shaft for the 9958. Here’s the stock 9958 weight before and after the carbon fiber shaft upgrade. The stock weight without the battery is above. The carbon fiber upgrade 9958 is the photo below. The main motor has a lift of about 42g. So shaving a gram off the flight […]

  • Blade mSR Pinion to Main Gear Ratio

    Someone on the RC Groups forum wanted to know the gear ratio of the Blade mSR so they can possibly use them on another RC vehicle. I took a picture and figured I’d share here.