Xieda 9958 Carbon Fiber Mainshaft Mod PDF Template

I present to you, a printable template to allow you to create your own custom main shaft for your Xieda 9958. Simply use a PDF viewer to print out the file. Ensure that print scaling is off so the file prints at 100%.

An example screenshot of the PDF template.

Then simply line up, tape your 3mm carbon fiber shaft to the print out and drill. Using a drill press will help ensure straight holes. If you have a hard time finding perfect, 3mm hollow carbon fiber to use, you can purchase the Blade SR120 tail boom. The one without motor cost about $3.50 at the local hobby shop and should allow you to make 3 shafts.

Download link: Xieda 9958 Carbon Fiber Main Shaft Mod PDF Template

Anyways, happy modding and stay tune for more exciting things in store that will help you make these shafts practically foolproof.







2 responses to “Xieda 9958 Carbon Fiber Mainshaft Mod PDF Template”

  1. ✔ Verified Fan Avatar

    Nothing short of brilliant! 

  2. Jon Kunkel Avatar

    David, wish I had this when I first tried modding it! Thank you for the template…great work once again.

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