1S LiPo Discharge Curves

I am searching for the best performing 1s LiPo for the money. Here’s the discharge curve for some of the cells I had on hand. Keep in mind that the Hyperion is brand new. The NanoTech are relatively new as well as the 9958’s stock cells. Only the Turnigy 160 has been well used. I am pleasantly surprise to find they still perform pretty well. It hard to see but the Hyperion 160mAh being new, and also has great chemistry, stayed flat at 3.8v until about 172s. Good performance and I can see why it’s one of the most popular 1s LiPo for the micro helis. I am waiting to get some new ThunderPower 160 to put to the test against the Hyperion 160.

I intend on updating this post with better data as soon as I get new cells from each of the manufacturers to test.

This test is to check discharge to 3.8v. Usually I fly my heli to about 3.7v or so.





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