Link Guides O-Ring Mod

How many of you are breaking off the link guides like I am prone to doing during hard crashes? I put some 9958 canopy grommets on them and hopefully they reduce the breakage rates. Give it a try and let me know if works out for you.

I use tweezers to open up the o ring so they easily slip over the link guides.

Left: Example of the link guides breaking off on the rotor head. Right: Using tweezers to open up the o ring so it easily go onto the link guides.

Adjust the o ring so they don’t rub against the linkage.

Get the o ring as close to the linkage as possible, but don't allow them to rub.



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4 responses to “Link Guides O-Ring Mod”

  1. Csikós Ákos Avatar

    I just found your blog after some search about budget FP helis and the photos are so beautiful in your blog that I have to ask: what equipments do you use?

    1.  Avatar

      Thanks. I use a Canon 5D and the inexpensive Canon 50mm macro. And then simply bounce the flash off the wall for some directional lighting.

      1. Akos Avatar

        Nice. I found especially unique your colorful backgrounds :)
        have you got any experience with extension tubes as cheaper alternatives of macro lenses.

        1.  Avatar

          Yup. I started out with a Kenko extension tube and also reversing lense
          and piggy back lense. I still use the Kenko if I want extreme macro
          shot. But these aren’t art. I just shoot and crop to emphasize what I
          need to show. The flash will make everything look sharp.

          For the background, that’s a technique I came up with recently. It’s easy to get nice creamy bokeh, even on a clutter workbench. But then I had an epiphany. These objects are so small…I can use my laptop screen as a background. Then I can throw any color or background on there easily. That’s how those photos came to be. Just the item taken in front of a laptop screen.

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