Month: February 2012

  • Charging Clip for Nine Eagles, Trex 100 and v911

    Charging Clip for Nine Eagles, Trex 100 and v911

    If you fly micro helis such as the Solo Pro, Trex 100 and v911. You’ll quickly find that they each employ their own proprietary battery connector. What is an easy way to be able to hook these battery up to your programmable charger? Simple. Take a clothespin and insert two tiny screws 5mm from each […]

  • Waking a LiPo from Storage

    If you’ve read the datasheet put out by some of the battery manufacturers, you are aware of the break-in procedure for new LiPo. Basically, this amounts to being gentler on the new LiPo for 5 cycles or so. I call it nicely waking the new cells from slumber. Because nobody likes a rude awakening. Proper […]

  • E-Flite 150mAh 25c 1s LiPo Test

    E-Flite 150mAh 25c 1s LiPo Test

    I finally got a hold of the new EFlite 150mAh 25c LiPo. I was curious about this cell because a Horizon Hobby employee said that the chemistry is better than their prior 1s cells. One person on the forum noticed that the head speed of their mSR X has a higher pitch, which suggest it […]

  • v911 Main Gear Alternatives

    I was given a Xtreme Productions delrin main gear for the Solo Pro. So I took the weight differences between the v911, Solo Pro and Xtreme. The v911 is the lightest, and very slightly thinner than the other two. Here’s the weight of the stock v911 main shaft compared to the Solo Pro’s carbon fiber […]