Brushed Main Motor Micro Heli

Looking at the three motors I happen to have apart, I noticed the winding is so different between them. The Xieda 9958 version 2 motor, the v911 and the mSR are all slightly different. I don’t know how this relates to the power these brushed motor is able to produce. Anybody know?

I saw that the mSR, v911 and 9958 had similar can diameter…that was off by 100th of mm. They are 8.42mm to 8.46mm to 8.55mm respectively. All seems to fit each other’s frame…though it can be a little lose if you don’t put some glue or tape as needed.

The 9958 and mSR both have very tightly wound wires. It was densely packed and thickly wound. The wires themselves may be ever so slightly smaller gauge than that used by the v911. The v911 had lots of gaps where you can see through. Not sure if this is a good thing or not.

You can see the v911 versus the mSR’s in the follow photo:

Here’s the various component of the brushed, coreless main motor.

The various components of the brushed motor. This is the Xieda 9958 version 2. I call it version 2 because the first version was black/white wires and the can had holes in them.

Here’s a photo of the brushes themselves.







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  1. g14ut3n Avatar

    Hi hacksmod,
    Which one is the most powerful in the list? V911, msr, solo pro and 9958?I’d like to replace the solo pro motor by the more powerful motor. Is the V911 or 9958 suitable?Thanks for your advice.

    1.  Avatar

      The most powerful and drop in replacement would be the Bravo SX motor. Reasonably priced. Here’s some stats I took the other day… 

      9958: 58.5g of thrust.mSRX: 61g of thrust.BravoSX: 63.5g of thrust.I hooked up 4 Eflite 25c 150mAh in parallel and charged all 4 cells between each test. So the voltage should all be stable. I wanted to see peak thrust output.The tail motor wasn’t running.However, if the tail motor was left to run, the stock 9958 motor went from 58.5g to 54.5g.The mSR X motor was almost a gram heavier than the Bravo SX motor. This is because it’s 23mm versus 20mm.Now, I wonder the difference between a black capped BravoSX motor versus the white capped one.caveat: The 9958 and mSRX motors are used. The BravoSX was new. I’ll take a look a new mSRX motor I have in my possession. 

      1. g14ut3n Avatar

        Thanks for your info. Unfortunately, I just found solo pro, V911 and 9958 motors  in my local store, the bravo sx motor isn’t available . Order from web stores and waiting for international shipping is take a lot of time (> 1-2 month). I just want to know if the 9958 and V911 motors are better replacement than solo pro motor or not. I found the 9958 motor is very similar to bravo sx one (vent holes in both caps), I hope the new one have the same thrust as the bravo sx motor. 

        1.  Avatar

          I like buying locally if it’s available.

          From being on the V911 thread over at RCGroups. And hearing about many new v911 having motor issues out of the box. I would be incline to say the v911 motor may be the worst of the bunch? But if you get a good one, I don’t know how they compare. I will have to put it to the test one of these days.

          The Solo Pro is a good motor. I don’t know how you are going to use the motor because one important thing to consider is that the v911, Solo Pro and Bravo SX comes with a 7teeth pinion. The 9958 comes with a 8teeth pinion. Some people like the higher headspeed as a result of using the 9958 motor in a v911, Solo Pro heli. Just some stuff to consider.

          1. g14ut3n Avatar

            I put the bravo sx fuselage into the solo pro to get new appearance. But it seems the solo pro motor’s not strong enough to take the higher weight. So I’m finding the replacement .
            The 9958 has 8 teeth pinion, this means the heli has the higher headspeed, but the motor also stand the higher load.  I wonder if the 9958 motor generate enough torque for my heli. How to know, I will pick up one and test  :)

          2.  Avatar

            Yeah, that’s why the Bravo SX motor is stronger. It’s to lift the additional weight the Bravo SX has over the Solo Pro. As you see, every little gram increase on these micro heli can be felt in degradation of the flight performance.

            The 9958 has 8 teeth so like you said, it’ll give it a higher head speed at the expense of torque. Some have reported saying that the 8 teeth of the 9958 pinion/motor actually gives a better gear mesh. Definitely test it out and let us know. I love hearing feedback from as many modders as possible. :)

            I have been testing motors thrust again last night and the Bravo SX is the strongest. This was with the white capped version. I need to get a hold of the black capped version, which some people said is even stronger than the white capped.

  2. mvadu Avatar

    I have to tell you, you have very good Photography skills!! :)

    1. HacksMods Avatar

      Thanks. Just using everything I know to better illustrate the topic of discussion. :)

      1. Nader Avatar

        i call this a great and detailed comparison, thanks a lot mate!
        -do you by any chance have an opinion about the life times? since the mSRX and nCPX are famous for their main’s short lifetime (ca. 30 to 60 flights and pricey motors!)
        -do you have any comparison to the NE solo pro II main motor, it has almost the same dimensions (ca. 8.5×20.0mm, 1x4mm shaft) and a 7T pinion, i think the mSRX is a bit longer with an 8T!? and the SX should be the same with an 7T? right!?
        -would you say the SX’s main is the best non blade main motor replacement for the nano CPX?
        Thanks you so much for the help and awesome and interesting comparison :)
        btw, the stock nano CP X has ca. 51g peak negative thrust and a constant 48g under normal condition (with tail motor running) using a 160mAh 25C fully charged Nano-Tech LiPo, while weighing 29.7 (same LiPo) it performs more than decent (with ca. 1.68 thrust/weight ratio not a power machine though!)

        1. hacksmod Avatar

          You know, I my friend has a mSRX and was burning motors very quickly. About one every two weeks. Then we put in a Bravo SX motor. It doesn’t have the same pop. But it flies great. Better than a MSRX motor that is already starting to burn out. He’s happily purchased 3 more Bravo SX motor and we have yet to replace the original. Still happily flying his mSR X with the Bravo SX motor half a year later. We put 8t pinion onto the Bravo SX motor. And I don’t like the process to put the pinion back on. Taking it off is easy with a pinion puller. I had to use a torch to heat up the brass pinion enough. And then only got it on half way. Someone on the forum mentioned using a soldering iron, touched to the brass pinion to put on. Supposely easier. I haven’t gotten a chance to try it yet.

          It’s been mentioned on the forums many times that the Bravo SX motor is supposely a stronger motor than the Solo Pro II motor. I wonder if that was true back before the Bravo SX came to be. I wonder if nowadays, they are both the same motor? I also hear good things about the Helios motor being strong (Solo Pro II clone with paddle flybar) helicopter. You can get it from BangGood.

          Thanks for the info on the Nano motor thrust. Bad news though, the Nano CP X uses a 8mm motor, so unfortunately you can use the other motors as mentioned above. I personally went brushless on my Nano and like it just fine. Loads of power on the Wild brushless. I have a mild kit too and need to get more parts to put a mild Nano CP X together to test.

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