Looking at the three motors I happen to have apart, I noticed the winding is so different between them. The Xieda 9958 version 2 motor, the v911 and the mSR are all slightly different. I don’t know how this relates to the power these brushed motor is able to produce. Anybody know?

I saw that the mSR, v911 and 9958 had similar can diameter…that was off by 100th of mm. They are 8.42mm to 8.46mm to 8.55mm respectively. All seems to fit each other’s frame…though it can be a little lose if you don’t put some glue or tape as needed.

The 9958 and mSR both have very tightly wound wires. It was densely packed and thickly wound. The wires themselves may be ever so slightly smaller gauge than that used by the v911. The v911 had lots of gaps where you can see through. Not sure if this is a good thing or not.

You can see the v911 versus the mSR’s in the follow photo:

Here’s the various component of the brushed, coreless main motor.

The various components of the brushed motor. This is the Xieda 9958 version 2. I call it version 2 because the first version was black/white wires and the can had holes in them.

Here’s a photo of the brushes themselves.