Carrying Case for Micro Helicopters

I took this photo to share on RCGroups. I figured I’ll post here as well.

RCGroups forum member Heli Pad gifted me this Harbor Freight Tools case and I configured it to hold 5 micro heli.

From top to bottom:

  1. Blade mCP X with extended tail boom
  2. WL Toys v911 (HobbyKing FP100)
  3. Blade mSR
  4. modded 9958MSR
  5. Xieda 9958 (HobbyKing HK-190)
Perfectly fits five micro helicopter and full size transmitter.

All those brands and model of helicopter are flown with the Turnigy 9x modded for DSM2 capabilities.

Behind the foam on top are pockets for the tools and extra parts. You can see how those pockets looks like over at Harbor Freight’s site.

I pulled out a block of foam, keeping them intact. Then cut a 1/4 off the bottom and reinserted back into place. It makes a nice little recessed compartment for my 1s LiPo battery.

1S LiPo compartment recessed.

Can anyone guess what this little momentary switch is for?

Little pressure switch hot glued into place.
If you guess that the switch is connected to the LED light strip at the top, you’d be correct. It gets toggled when the case is close, turning off the LED. We usually fly at the local park after my kids are put down for bed, so the light strip is great. I rigged up a 3S LiPo to power the LED light strip. The strip of LED was like $5 bucks at Hobby King, and has adhesive on one side. You cut it to the length you need. Then I used a 3S 2200mAh LiPo to power the LED because that’s what I had handy. You can probably go with something less. However, I intend on putting in a charger that will pull power from the same LiPo in the future. So that 2200mAh LiPo should work out pretty well.
Strip of white LED lights hooked up to a 3S 2000mAh LiPo.

Here’s the configuration…

And a charger powered off the same 3S LiPo pack that powers the LED



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12 responses to “Carrying Case for Micro Helicopters”

  1. frank g Avatar
    frank g

    I have a mcx2 tx.  can i use the module to hack into the 9x  ?

    1.  Avatar

      Yes. The MLP4DSM from a mCX2 transmitter is the first one I did. I still use it to this day to fly anything from a mSR to mSR X and mCPX. I wired mine up like this: 

  2. animedude01 Avatar

    I noticed that your Turnigy 9x is modded for dsm2. Does it bind to the WL v911 in that mode? I was under the impression the v911 doesn’t do dsm2.

    1. HacksMods Avatar

      My Turnigy 9x is modded for DSM2, yes. A switch toggle between DSM2 and whatever module I happen to stick in the rear. In my case, I have the FlySky module in there…which is the protocol the v911, v929, 9958 etc uses. That’s how I am able to fly all the DSM2 and FlySky stuff with one programmable radio. It works great!!!

  3. Tony Smith Avatar
    Tony Smith

    Hi, I notice that you fly the Xieda 9958 using the 9X with DSM2 module. Did that need any special mods to either the helicopter or the transmitter?

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      I think you misunderstood. I modded the 9x to
      ADD DSM2 capabilities. The existing module in the back remains. In my case, the rear module is the one that comes with the 9x…which uses the FlySky protocol. The same protocol the 9958 uses.

      So, I continue to fly my 9958, v911, v929 using the FlySky protocol. Then when I need to fly the Blade helis, I flip the switch I added and it enables the DSM2 module I install internally. So, one radio…two protocols…all my micro helis. :D

  4. Alex Avatar

    does anyone know if it is anyhow possible to fly a hubsan x4 with a turnigy x? I have read some guys fly the hubsan with modded walkera devo transmitters.

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      Not yet Alex. Devo with DeviationX is the easiest way right now. Th9xer created a module for the 9x that will be able to fly the X4 using DeviationX code based. The pcb design is being finalized but the beta code is already available.

      Check the

      Thread titled: Flip button on Syma X1/WLToys v949

      1. Alex Avatar

        Thank you for the information. Yor post reads well . Good to know that there are clever guys working on a solution for the future. As suggested I will have a read on the openrcforums. Thanks again.

  5. […] attach and switch between the AnyLink or HT-8 module easily. And the TX still fits in my existing transmitter case without having to update the […]

  6. PsychoticSmiley Avatar

    I know it’s a little older, but for those of us just getting into the hobby,
    Just a little heads up – the Harbor Freight link has changed.

    18 L x 13 W x 6 D

    And if it changes again, just go to
    you can search for “aluminum case”.

    Or click on “Tool Storage” it’ll be there under most popular items.

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