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v929 Canopy Redux

I made canopy prototype number two and wanted to share the result. See part one here. I am getting better and made a few refinements.

The cockpit “eyes” has been redone, modeled after a profile photo of the real TDR helicopter. Then tweak the length to fit the dimension of this canopy.

Here’s the same shot, but more direct on for an alternate perspective.

Finally, I redid the top graphics. This time, incorporating a kinda abstract, kinda repeating series of characters.

If you haven’t made it out, it’s simply the model number of this quad. V929. I wanted the font to have angles mimicing the canopy as well as not make it too obvious that’s it’s the model number.

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WL Toys v929 Quad

The latest thing coming out of WL Toys, the maker of the popular v911, is the v929. It’s a Blade MQX size clone if you are familiar with that quad. The v929 is a good, fun, stable quad and I am having a blast flying it.

My only issue with it is that they model the canopy after the Walkera Ladybird. However, thanks to the work of forum member Darsh, we have a pretty cool looking canopy.

Here is his thread with a few other paper canopies that he has made and shared: Paper canopies – the revenge

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Turnigy 9x Manuals

Every now and then I see someone on the forum looking for the Turnigy 9x manual. So I compiled a few and am linking them here for your convenience.

First up is the Imax-9x. Which is the same radio as the Turnigy 9x. The manual is fully applicable and has nice soft colorations. Looks good. Click on the logo to download from Box.net:

The Copter X is also a pretty nicely put together manual. Fully applicable to the Turnigy 9x. Click on the Copter X logo to download from Box.net

The Eurgle is a no frills, black and white manual. Good because the PDF is only 6MB in size. It is available in two parts from Hobby King, but I combined both parts into one file to make it convenient for you guys. Click on it’s logo to download from Box.net.

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HP6DSM Module Wired Up

Here’s how I prepare the DSM2 module harvested from the HP6DSM transmitter. The DX4e and DX5e has a similar module and pinout.

How I wire up the HP6DSM module for the er9x DSM2 hack

You can find more information as well as the schematic by Pat MacKenzie here: Spektrum DSM2 module from HP6DSM

  • Basically, you have a 4k7 (4700ohm) resistor soldered to the 3.3v and signal pad of the DSM2 module. (Pins 2 and 6)
  • Then you simply got three wires that needs to go to the appropriate place…
    1. Pin 1 is your ground pin. That’s the Black wire and should be soldered to any ground point on the transmitter. Those BIG rectangular pads in the third pictures above, are a good, easy place to solder to.
    2. Pin 2 is the power pin. It’s the Red wire in the photo and need to be connected a 3.3v power source. It can take power from a 3.3v regulator like the one I harvested from the donor transmitter, as seen in the third photo, or alternatively, a 3.3v uBec. Both the 3.3v regulator or uBec takes power from a suitable source on your transmitter. I have always use the pin (7th pin from the left) that feeds power to the rear module. I cut the trace and put a RX switch on it. Flip one way and power goes to the rear module. Flip the switch the other way and power goes to the DSM2 module.
    3. Pin 6 is the signal pin. That’s the White wire in the photo above. It needs to be connected to your transmitter’s PPM output. A diode is soldered inline as per the schematic previously linked to.
I’ll make another post on how I use a common receiver switch, like this, this or this, to flip the power between the DSM2 module and the module connected to the rear of the radio.
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