v929 Canopy Redux

I made canopy prototype number two and wanted to share the result. See part one here. I am getting better and made a few refinements.

The cockpit “eyes” has been redone, modeled after a profile photo of the real TDR helicopter. Then tweak the length to fit the dimension of this canopy.

Here’s the same shot, but more direct on for an alternate perspective.

Finally, I redid the top graphics. This time, incorporating a kinda abstract, kinda repeating series of characters.

If you haven’t made it out, it’s simply the model number of this quad. V929. I wanted the font to have angles mimicing the canopy as well as not make it too obvious that’s it’s the model number.






11 responses to “v929 Canopy Redux”

  1. FyreSG Avatar

    Very professionally done. You can really sell this online.

  2. Heli Pad Avatar
    Heli Pad

    Ha Ha, I figured out the writings on top of the canopy *before* coming here. Very nice though. The black/red echo the rotors nicely.

  3. after_two Avatar

    Looks great! Will you be sharing the image file so we can print?

    1. HacksMods Avatar

      I am still working on some stuff. Slow going since we’re still adjusting to our new baby girl. But the actual paper template has already been posted in the part one post mentioned above. It’s from Darsh and I just printed it out and applied cutout stickers to it to complete the canopy. The paper canopy on cardstock has good rigid form and very nice, clean panel lines. And weighs very comparable to the stock Beetle canopy.

      1. after_two Avatar

        Thanks yeah I saw the link but I just love your colours and design changes. Hopefully my v929 will be here this week!
        Congrats on the new baby, my wife is pregnant with our first :)

        1. HacksMods Avatar

          Kewl. Congrats on yours. :)

  4. jack Avatar

    I’ve got a Mode 2 transmitter for the V929 beetle. Would you happen to know how to convert the transmitter to Mode 4. All I want to do is switch the aileron with the rudder, but keep the throttle on left stick. Thanks.

    1. HacksMods Avatar

      Doable but nothing I’ve seen done before. There was a guy on the forum that switch his mode 2 to a mode 1. Sorry I don’t have any tutorial demonstrating the process.

    2. Jonne Kuusela Avatar

      It depends on how the controller is made.
      If it is like a real controller, so that the sticks are separate from the main PCB, and connected by wires, then simply swapping the aileron and rudder connections would work.
      If it is all on a single PCB, you would need to cut the traces and reroute the signals with wires.

      This is pretty much a question you can answer with “If you have to ask, you can’t do it.”

  5. zippiz Avatar

    Awesome, really well made and great pictures as well. Waiting for my 929 and really want to try to make this… impressive!

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