FlySky FS-TH9x, Turnigy 9x Stick Calibration How-to

When you first get your TH9x, Turnigy 9x radio, I recommend you calibrate your sticks. It’s a quick procedure that ensure your sticks range of motion is seen correctly by the firmware. Keep in mind, this should work for all the variants of the FlySky FS-TH9x. i.e. Turnigy 9x, Imax-9x, Eurgle and CopterX

If not, here’s the procedure all new Turnigy 9x owners should perform.

Enter calibration mode:

On the left stick, press and hold the trim up.
On the right stick, press and hold the trim to the left.
Keep both trims held while turning on the power.

You will see the following screen if you successfully entered into the calibration mode:

Calibration steps:

1. Begin by centering both sticks. Then press and hold the Menu button down until you hear a confirmation beep.

  • The numbers 0000 on the top will increase to 0001.

2. The right stick gets calibrated first.

  • Move the right stick diagonally to the upper right. Hold it there while long pressing the menu button down until the confirmation beep.
  • The numbers 0001 will now increase to 0002.
  • Now, move the same stick diagonally to the lower left position. Hold it there while long pressing the menu button till the confirmation beep is heard.
  • The numbers 0002 will increase to 0003.
  • Done with the right stick. We will do the left stick in the same manner.

3. The left stick gets calibrated next.

  • Move the left stick diagonally to the upper right corner. Hold it there and then long press the menu button until the confirmation beep is heard.
  • The numbers on the display will increment to 0004.
  • Finally, move the left stick to the lower left corner and long press the menu button. The beep will sound.
  • The numbers  will change to 0005 now.

4. Finally, recenter both sticks. Long press the menu button until the beep is heard. The number will stay at 0005.

5. Exit and save the calibration result by double pressing the exit button. This will save your calibration and return to the regular menu.


That’s all there is to it. You have successfully calibrated your sticks. Hope that helped you guys out.







9 responses to “FlySky FS-TH9x, Turnigy 9x Stick Calibration How-to”

  1. Marc Cepeda Avatar

    Great post!

    Just curious. I know they’re essentially the same, but is there any reason to choose the Turnigy over the FlySky model? I personally chose the FS because of the black case.

    1. HacksMods Avatar

      The color of the plastic is one difference. As well as the color of the logo and switches decals. I personally prefer the FlySky FS-TH9x because the antenna is already on the rear module. Which means you don’t have to relocate it if you intend on doing the DSM2 mod.

      The only exception to this is the FlySky FS-TH9x that Hobby Partz, xHeli and NitroPlanes sell. Those are essentially the same companies, and their version of the TH9x has the antenna mounted at the top just like the Turnigy 9x.

      Beyond those physical difference, they are essentially the same radio. It is said that they are manufacturer in the same plant.

      1. Marc Cepeda Avatar

        Ah, thanks for clearing that up. I forgot that the rear module antenna was the other reason I went with the FlySky. Kinda neat having two antennae coming from the radio (the 2nd being from my DSM mod). :)

  2. Brian Evans Avatar
    Brian Evans

    I calibrated my turnigy transmitter and I seem to be getting in even calibration. For example, When I view the display menu it says that the sticks are off center and I get uneven throws in each direction on the rudder and elevator.

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      Try asking your question in the 9xforum. Good guys there that might have an answer for your problem. Thanks.

    2. hacksmod Avatar

      If you’re using the er9x firmware. Make sure you calibrate via it’s Calibration menu as well. Long press the left button (+ button) and you will go into the Radio Setup menu. On page 6 is the Calibration. This should be ran at least once. it’s the firmware stick calibration. Perhaps that’s the source of your problem?

    3. Rust Avatar

      Create a new model and it will be fine. The old one remembers the values before calibration.

  3. Brian Evans Avatar
    Brian Evans

    I’m sorry correction I get an uneven calibration

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