Hobby King Spektrum DSMX Module

What an exciting day for micro R/C hobbyist. Hobby King just introduced a new module that is compatible with Spektrum DSMX and DSM2 technology for your Turnigy 9x and other radio that accepts JR style module.

OrangeRX DSMX/DSM2 Transmitter Module

It’s a full range system too. So you can fly all the Horizon Hobby DSM2 and DSMX BnF system with your Turnigy 9x.

Price is decent at $30.

New Hobby King OrangeRX DSMX and DSM2 Transmitter Module for the Turnigy 9x

Thanks to Julian for giving me the heads up on it’s availability. :)



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10 responses to “Hobby King Spektrum DSMX Module”

  1. Julian Castro Avatar
    Julian Castro

    np ;) hope to see a review from you soon

  2. Marc Cepeda Avatar

    I guess he beat me to it. :P
    I’m curious to see the inside to see if the antennae port can be relocated to the top.

  3. Ben Avatar

    Can this module be used in the FlySky TH9X to fly DSM models?

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      That’s the idea as far as I know. I think there is a good discussion of it on the HobbyKing forum. Including the issue with the first batch.

  4. Dave Avatar

    I’m assuming this would be an easier method of getting 6-channel control of a sub-micro heli than performing the MLP4DSM mod?

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      Yup, it’s the easiest way to get DSM2 support now that it’s available from HobbyKing and people have purchased it and tried it. The only real gripe I hear is the location of the antenna.

      1. Dave Avatar

        Thats great, I can deal with the antenna being in an annoying place. Would I be able to fly a Blade 130x or a 120SR with this?

  5. Mad Mark Avatar
    Mad Mark

    The Orange DSMX/DSM2 Module for JR/Tunigy from HobbyKing does not work for DSM2 or DSMX Bind and Fly models or DSMX/DSM2Receives with flight stabilization using the Turnigy9X Transmitter because the 9X may use the JR style module but it uses the Futoba style channel configuration so unless you can change ether the transmitter or the module to TAER Channel mapping you’re out of luck on the BNFs or Flight stabilization receivers .

    1. Zero9r Avatar

      Hey Mark it works no problem with BnF models and RX’s. If you update to ER9x or OpenTX you can change mapping. if not just change the channels in the Mixer.

      I run my sons CHAMP with my 9x (er9x) and orange DSM2/X Module. The Champ has a different channel mapping then most BNF so I just experimented with Channel orders in the Mixer till it worked perfectly. no big deal.

      This module has worked great for me for two years now. I run Orange 100RX sat. on my CC3D ZMR250 with 10ch using this setup. and no problems with a bunch of other cheap 6-8 ch RX from different china manufactures.

      So I would recommend this to anyone wanting to fly BNF or use cheap DSMX/DSM2 recievers.

    2. hacksmod Avatar

      The updated version of that Orange module allows you to switch the channel order around.

      Otherwise, you’ll need to flash a capable firmware. i.e. ER9x or OpenTX

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