v911 Fixed Pitch Micro Heli Night Blade

I have always thought the night blades of the larger R/C helicopters were cool. But they aren’t available for the micro helis that I fly. Coming up with a way for getting the micro blades lit up without adding too much weight to the head took me awhile to think of. But here’s a sneak peek at the result.

My friend’s y911 (what some of us call the v911 clone). I nicknamed it ‘Spook.’

I have a 0603 LED on top and one below the blade. (I now like the brightness of the 0805 even more) I don’t know what color is the best for this. I chose white because it’s hard to go wrong with that. Initially I had a UV LED on the bottom, but it was so dim…it didn’t work out very well at all.

Copper foil tape, cut into 1mm width strips.

The copper traces and both LED added a mere 0.05g to the blade. I put tape on the other blade to balance it out. However, I think it’ll look even better if both blades has the LED. :)

Here’s a video:

And here’s a shocker that surprised me…with night blades and the rotor disc plane being so visible…orientation is actually easier at night than in the day. The feedback is that great. Because at the size of these micro, even in full sun…you can easily lose the orientation. This is even more enhanced on the new version I have where I got red LED on the bottom, and white one on the top.

Let me know what you guys think.

And here’s the RCGroups discussion thread on this topic:


Update: 01/30/2013
Check out what Nine Eagles and Helimax RC is bringing. The Axe 100SSL (Nine Eagles 126a) with build in LED lights in the main blade that draws power from the main battery. Nice. I am curious how it’s done. No details at the moment.







14 responses to “v911 Fixed Pitch Micro Heli Night Blade”

  1. Jon Kunkel Avatar
    Jon Kunkel

    Count me in!! My wife says that I should get lights for my copters, plus I always seam to be racing daylight to get in my flying.

  2. cepedamarc Avatar

    Ooo, ooo, me me me! Gimme, gimme!

  3. Curtis Avatar

    How are you powering it?

    1. HacksMods Avatar

      From the main battery. Details will require the modding post. Photos and write up by request.

      1. Andy Avatar

        The lights sound music to me too!

  4. Heli Pad Avatar
    Heli Pad

    Let’s have coffee, I’m sending my entire fleet into the “spooky” lab. LOL

  5. nightflighter Avatar

    Fantastic!!! I want one. How do you get the current onto the rotating blade, a slip ring?
    You should make and sell them on e-bay.

    1. HacksMods Avatar

      Originally, an extra bearing from a spare swashplate underneath the gear. However, now negative contact via the frame’s bearings. The positive goes up via the swashplate bearing. So no unnecessary weight added at all.

      1. nightfliyer2 Avatar

        Brilliant! Thanks for sharing! Photos and write up officially requested :)

      2. Jacob Schwartz Avatar

        Can you post a photo? Would love to see exactly what you did. Great mod!

        1. HacksMods Avatar

          Join the discussion here as we refine the technique.

          I’ll continue to post photos as I get it worked out.

  6. Heli Pad Avatar
    Heli Pad

    One word: Spooktacular!

  7. Japaul Lavrigata Avatar
    Japaul Lavrigata

    Awesome! my hats off to anybody that can work on stuff that small…. micro night blades are sweet!

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