Blade Nano CP X Canopy Post Reinforcement

I find that it’s easy to break the canopy mount on the Blade Nano CP X. So, I think reinforcing them is a wise preventative measure. I know some people like to use a carbon rod and spiral wrap thread around nice and tightly. Then wet the thread with CA glue. I find this method is effective, but the CA and thread mixture looks rough.

Here’s a similar idea, executed a different way.

I have a bunch of split hollow, square carbon tail boom used on the v911, 9958, Solo Pro and other FP Heli. I like using these broken pieces to splint broken parts to add strength to the repair.

Here, a square hollow boom split down the middle, has a nice groove. 29.74mm is a perfect length. Take your micro round file and a couple of passes in the middle create a nice recessed point for the RX mount.

Fits perfectly. Some CA glue to fill the filet between the carbon and canopy post will strengthen the entire assembly with negligible weight gain.

I like to slip on a shrink tube to make the entire mod look finished.

Here’s a look at the front canopy mounts. One continuous reinforced mount. You can feel it’s much more sturdy.

Similar concept should be done to the two rear canopy post to reinforce those too.

This mod is a good preventative measure. However, it’s also good for those of you, like me, who already broke their canopy post. Simply gluing the broken post back together usually doesn’t work too well without lots of epoxy. The best method is to glue and reinforce with carbon like shown in this mod. The broken piece will fare much better than just glue alone.







3 responses to “Blade Nano CP X Canopy Post Reinforcement”

  1. Marc Cepeda Avatar

    Very nice. I hadn’t thought of using a split hollow CF rod. Where did you order yours from again?

    1. HacksMods Avatar

      Order? LOL. I got so many from broken tail boom of the 9958, solo pro and v911.

    2. LittleMo Avatar is where most people seem to get their carbon tube/rod from. At least in the US. I have yet to order from them but if I break a tail boom that’s where I’m going to get 2mm carbon tube.

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