New Landing Skids

I want to share the landing skids I design and cut out by hand using a dremel. Guess where I got the inspiration. ;)

I had some leftover .8mm CF I used for the mSRX brushless mount so I cut my first one out of that. I need to find some thinner, probably .5 or .6mm CF and it’ll be perfect.

It’s mounted to a MicroHeli mSR lipo cage.

Nano CP X Goblin Inspired Carbon Fiber Landing Skids

The upper horizontal brace is designed to help stiffen the stock Nano frame, as well as obscure the main gear to give the look of a 450+ class heli. It’s also angled to give nicer line once the fuselage is on. Together, it’s almost like it’s ready to pounce into the air. LOL The lower proportion and curves are very similar to the heli that was the source of inspiration.

I will install it on my Nano with the Wild brushless Nano CP X. So plenty of raw power. Muahahahaha

What do you guys think?






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