Brushless Nano Battery Lead Upgrade

Lately, there’s been a number of threads created where Nano CP X owners who have installed a brushless motor on their heli, have learn that upgrading to a thicker gauge wire improved performance noticeably. There is a noticeable increase in pop acceleration and less to no bogging.

I wonder how much of it is due to the thicker gauge wire or if the improvement comes from the thicker wire being more tolerant of a sloppy solder joint?

I went ahead and took a photo of the recommended wire gauge side-by-side in case you are curious.

20ga silicone wire, 24ga silicone wire, 24ga(?) servo wire, 26ga(?) stock Nano CPX wire

I always like using servo wires. Copper is a good conductor and the servo wires are usually made of copper. The only thing is, it’s insulating sleeve isn’t as heat tolerant as the silicone wires. Another property that I like with the silicone wires is that it’s really flexible.

Here’s some weight difference between 24ga silicone wires versus what I think are 24ga servo wires. The stock Nano CP X leads of the same length was added to compare the weight. Every gram counts when modding the Nano CP X for performance.

I think the most important thing is having a good solder joint. To ensure there’s no impurities in your solder joint, you have to use flux. A hot iron and flux will make a solder joint solid and keep the resistance low.

Make sure to properly insulate the solder connection. And I like to stretch a piece of shrink tubing so it fits over the connector. This ensure you don’t fatigue the soldered joint.

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2 responses to “Brushless Nano Battery Lead Upgrade”

  1. K Shamash Avatar
    K Shamash

    Very nice!
    Have you tried installing the thicker wires on your Nano?
    Any difference in the performance?

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      I have a wild kit and have always flown with upgraded wires.

      Besides, I might not be the best candidate to answer that question because I am meticulous with my solder joints. :)

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