WLtoys v922 (HiSky FBL100/Turnigy FBL100)

Just got delivery of the WLtoys v922. It’s a Blade mCPX style CP heli and it flies well. Giving it a once over, it’s well made and the PCB and servos are better manufacture than the Blade mCPX. Shiny solder joints with just the right amount of solder.

I like that the status LED is right in the middle. On some of the Blade heli, the off centered LED made the glow underneath the canopy off centered.

Here’s the brushless signal tap points for those googling for the info:

The weight:

Front side:

Back side:





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  1. Dave Avatar

    Great to see this up. Have you been able to bind the v922 to a Turnigy 9x at all? That said, do you know if a FBL100 would a bind to a 9x?

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