Comparision Pictures of HiSky HCP80 and Blade Nano CPX

Someone on RCG wanted photos of the two 80-class CP heli, so I took these quick photos for reference.

In photography, the object closest to the lense generally looks larger. Despite that position, the photo of the HCP80 (aka FBL80) still shows that it’s a slightly more compact heli overall. Both are about the same height.

About the same rotor span distance.

The HCP80 is not as long. Without the canopy, both HCP80 and Nano CPX are almost the same length. The Nano CPX has a slightly longer tail boom.

Not much parts are compatible or interchangeable between the two. Only the tail motor would work perfectly. 6mm x 15mm CCW. So the HCP80 tail motor would be an ideal replacement for the Blade Nano CPX.



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7 responses to “Comparision Pictures of HiSky HCP80 and Blade Nano CPX”

  1. Dee lee Avatar

    I need a tail motor for my nano but horizon doesn’t sell the motor alone. The fbl80 tail motor should work fine, right? Have you tried it?

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      I haven’t tried it yet. But will once the current one dies. Blade uses 6x15mm motors, which can be hard to find. Many motors @ 6mm, are 12mm or 14mm length. The FBL80 is 6x15mm, and should be a good source.

      The Walkera heli have 6x15mm tail motors as well. And verified to works well. Many mCPX owners have already tried them. The cheapest of them are the Super FP tail motor. Less than $4 in qty of 3+

      Otherwise, one that I have yet to try…but is also the right dimension (6x15mm) are the Nine Eagles 125a. Banggood sells them for a great price IMHO. $4.62 for the boom, wires, motor holder. Unfortunate for the Blade heli pilots, you won’t be able to make use of the extra accessories. But still a pretty decent price for the motor only.

      Lastly, it’s the tried and true mCX2 CCW motor. It’s the exact same motor as those used in the Nano CPX, mCPX. You can get it from places like Just make sure it’s the mCX2 EFLH2410 motor. Not the mCX, which is the predessor to the mCX2…and uses a weaker motor.

  2. bizzy Avatar

    once again thank you for the valuable information. I am grateful.

  3. matrixFLYER Avatar

    Hi daryoon. What’s the FBL80 main motor dimension? Do you think it’s the same as the v911 motor in dimensions and power? Thanks

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      Hi matrixFLYER
      Yeah, it would be interesting to see if the FBL 80’s motor is stronger than the v911. It uses a bigger pinion with different modulus, so it’s not a direct drop into the v911. And I haven’t done any thrust test on it either. So I don’t know the answer to your question.

      The dimensions are the same though.

  4. Dee Avatar

    How is the overall helicopter compared to the ncpx? Just as durable? Lower/more powerful than nano or about the same? Thanks

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      I personally feel it’s just as durable. And from what I recall of between it and my stock nanoCPX, it had more power.

      However, some people feel the flight controller programming of the NCPX is better than the HiSky model. I am not advance enough to see the difference. Both are more than I can handle.

      Just stay away from the HCP80 v2 though. That one is essentially a different bird. It has laggy control issue the manufacturer admitted to and trying to resolve.

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