WLToys v949 New Color Canopy

My buddy had his v949 in my lab so I can put on the better performing GWS EP5443 props. Like I mentioned in my earlier blog post, these props are a performance upgrade for Blade mQX, v929, v949 type quadcopters.

I took the opportunity to paint him up a canopy in his favorite color, green.

I choose a pearl green. Looks nice.

Here’s the front view:

And this is what it looks like at night:







12 responses to “WLToys v949 New Color Canopy”

  1. Tubbs Avatar

    Nice Mod! What did you use for the canopy?

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      Thank you. I made it myself. Vacuum formed from PETG film.

  2. Tubbs Avatar

    Awesome! Would u be willing to make one up to sell? Im currently modding my 959 and just received the gws props and new leds however i dont like the available canopies for them and my jaw dropped when i saw ur mod :) I thought u may have cut it from a larger car shell or something. Also did u paint or dye the props? Thanks in advance

  3. Tubbs Avatar

    Found the store but you dont ship outside us? :( Im in australia

  4. Nguyen Avatar

    This is impressive. I’d like to know where you get your green props? Also can you show me how you make the canopy? Can i just do a normal vacuum forming? It’d be great if you can show your set up.


    1. hacksmod Avatar

      I actually airbrushed the green props. :)

      For vacuum forming…I’ll have to show my set up one of these days. However, I have been having issues with getting the nose to come out properly. In vacuum forming, having undercut sections makes it more difficult. In the canopy above, it has undercut at the nose and rear. Plus, the undercut comes to a point…so lots of webbing forms. Which is a problem I still haven’t solved and wish I knew the answer.

      It’s very frustrating to pull canopy after canopy and have webbing. :(

  5. Nguyen Avatar

    Thanks for getting back to me. Did you leave your mold with the nose pointing upward or sideway? I wonder if it would be possible to form with the nose pointing upward.

    also for the prop have you tried dying it? did airbrushing make the prop heavier and out of balance?

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      Because I have the undercut at the nose, and an undercut at the rear…I had to have the plug somewhat standing up. More at an angle.

    2. hacksmod Avatar

      The GWS EP5443 props comes unbalance. So you needed to balance each props regardless.

      Also, I use an airbrush, so it atomizes the paint for very thin coats.

      Seems to fly fine. :)

      I like the new LaTrax Alias quad’s frame. Thinking of using the chassis and putting on a different canopy.

  6. Nguyen Avatar

    wow the LaTrax looks really cool. Looking forward to seeing your review! Btw where do you source your plastic (HIPS, PETG etc)?

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      I am using PETG from SDplastic.

      1. john collins Avatar
        john collins

        I ordered one and after a month of waiting I attempted to contact hackmods (twice) with no response! I was forced to push a paypal dispute which resulted in a refund. Hey, what gives guys? I was really looking forward to the coolest canopy out there! Remember me. John Collins What happened?

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