Devo 7e Swivel Antenna Mod

I just added a swivel antenna to the Devo 7e’s stock antenna tube. I cut and tapered the stock tube. Then used a coax to extend the connector, so I can mount at the new location.

The ability to adjust the position of the antenna will optimize the RF radiation pattern. Ensuring you have a good signal to your model.

Here is a good, beginner’s video on the topic of Antenna:

Combine this with the Devo 7e range mod. Or you can buy and install the Walkera Devo S upgrade module to turn the Devo 7e into a full range radio transmitter. This is the same module you would need in case you attempted the range mod and failed.

I used two additional items that is pretty inexpensive and can be purchased from BangGood as well.

A 15cm U.FL/IPX to RP-SMA extension ~$1.50

And the standard 2.4GHz RP-SMA antenna ~$3







17 responses to “Devo 7e Swivel Antenna Mod”

  1. Nicolas31417 Avatar


    could u plz give the kind/brand of ur antenna (bangood?)

    thx for all ur devo7e post

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      I used a RP-SMA antenna like this one.

      1. Max Avatar

        Could you make a pic how did you connect the cable of the antenna to tx.
        Thanks in advance!

        1. hacksmod Avatar

          On the replacement module, there’s a U.FL IPX connector. And the antenna Coax has this connector. So simply plug in.

          For the original stock Devo 7e module. You’ll have to solder the coax cable on just like the the original antenna.

          1. Gabriel Beaux Avatar

            Dear Hacksmod,

            I was wondering how the coax cable is soldered on like the original one. The wire is like 3 times thinner then the original one. I saw a video on the internet but I just couldnt figure out how it’s really soldered on. So I did split the wire and put the middle wire in the middle of the threeway connection, where it was soldered on before. The other part on the left (because there is no 3rd wire anymore). Is this correct? The range haven’t seem to improve because I got like 50m horizontal range now. I shorted the diode ofcourse. I really feel it’s the antenna wich is giving me a hard time.

          2. hacksmod Avatar

            Hmmm…even without antenna replacement, I would think you’ll get 100M or more. I didn’t do a definitive range test but definitely have flown my models past 50m before. Without replacement the antenna and just the range mod. I solder a jumper wire on my range modded Devo7e. I read recently that perhaps the conductive paste dries out over time and gives inconsistent results for those who did the range mod this way.

            As for the antenna.. Yes, the coax wire is thinner on some antenna extensions. But it’s the same process. The braided outer sleeve is grounded. And the active inner wire is the antenna. Soldered to the middle point. Sounds like you got this wired correctly. Just make sure your antenna connector matches. i.e. RP-SMA female with RP-SMA male

  2. Terry Avatar

    Hi, If I only plan to use my Devo 7E with my Hubsan X4, will range benefit from the Walkera Devo S upgrade module? I’m thinking not, since it doesn’t extend the range of the A7105 transmitter. Can you confirm this? thanks again.

  3. Terry Avatar

    How do you install the Devo S Upgrade Module? The instructions are for the Devo 8 and 12, not 7E.

    I really don’t want to do the previous range MOD, so if this will give me the full range I would like to do this more so. thanks.

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      Yes, I think that will work.

  4. Arthur Avatar

    Hi, Can I upgrade this module to Devo 7? Thanks.

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      I am not certain if it will work with the Devo 7 radio. Sorry, I don’t know the answer. I have never used a Devo 7 before.

  5. Michael Thompson Avatar
    Michael Thompson

    Nice work on prepping the original antenna housing for the connector. I have to try to mimic that on mine.
    I just finished installing additional modules and antennas, but haven’t touched the stock one antenna yet.
    Thanks for posting this.

  6. Boomer45 Avatar

    If I add two additional modules how would I tie all of the antennas together? Will I need a separate antenna for each module?
    Thanks for all you do for us.

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      You let each of the module’s antenna lay down horizontally inside. That’s how the majority of us do it. We fly micros and park flyer. So that works out well. I haven’t had any issue with the antenna like this.

      1. Larymor Avatar

        Seems to me a old router antenna and wire would serve the same purpose. That is what I use on my modded Syma X8C transmitter and it works great.

        1. hacksmod Avatar

          Only if the old router is a 2.4GHz type.

          Newer router may have 5.8GHz antenna. And you don’t want to use those.

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