ZMR 250 Lite Build

daryoon_zmr250_flight_controller_access_hatch daryoon_zmr250_flight_controller_programming_header daryoon_zmr250_fpv_pod daryoon_zmr250_fpv_pod_front daryoon_zmr250_fpv_pod_front_angled1 daryoon_zmr250_fpv_pod_fronttop_angled

daryoon_zmr250_fpv_pod_tilt daryoon_zmr250_lipo_battery_connector_and_distribution_center  Dimon372_599791_zmr250_bumper_big_side_shielding  ZMR250_KISSPDB_KISS_ESC Daryoon_ZMRLite_250_LED_inside_afromini_amaze Daryoon_ZMRLite_250_FrSky_X4R-SB ZMR250_KISSPDB_SN20a_ESC

Alternate configuration with the battery plate. Allows more space to hide things.







20 responses to “ZMR 250 Lite Build”

  1. Dan Avatar

    Hey, Awesome build btw I would love to make my ZMR like this,

    I figured out the top plate, the esc’s but got stumped on the PDB and FC (CC3D Atom?)

    This just looks amazing.


    1. hacksmod Avatar

      I used the KISS PDB from Then doublesided tape the AfroMini FC on top of it. I like doublesided taping my FC so it can help filter out vibrations from the motor. (At least that what I am thinking)

      1. Chapimp Avatar

        Did you get the buzzer to work in this Afromini?

        1. hacksmod Avatar

          Nope. Seems broken from the manufacturer. Nobody has been able to figure it out. It’s simple to wire up. But we can’t get it working. Nobody on the RCGroups forum have figured it out yet.

  2. andrew Avatar

    Dude this thing is beautiful I wanna buy a kit of the upgrade parts…. spacers and whatnot….

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      Thank you. I don’t have any parts for sale though. You may want to ask Brian over at MultiRotorMania. He has the capability to get it for sale. Likely even cut that way from the get go. Just need ppl to inquire.

      1. Martin Avatar

        Brian never answers :-(

        1. hacksmod Avatar

          I see RCTimer offer the BeeRotor 250 now. Very similar to ZMR Lite.

          Also, look up the Speed Addict 210-R. It’s a new frame that looks like it has all the points of ZMR Lite.

  3. Frank Avatar

    Hello, very Nice Build!
    can we have the Print Parts?

    Greetz from Germany

  4. Jonathan G Avatar

    Hey love the build. Where did you get the antivibration standoffs for the camera? I have a build I would like to do that would require them and can’t find anything on the sights I frequent.

  5. lowki Avatar

    So neat, congrats.
    What kind of spacer are you using for the camera angled top plate, and between sma connector and vtx antenna?

  6. jb Avatar

    how do you guys cut the carbon plate ?

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      I had a video somewhere showing me using a cheap Harbor Freight $8 rotory and diamond cutting well to easily cut through the carbon.

  7. Corentin Avatar

    Hi guys, what are the spacer around the fpv camera ? I want that !

  8. Fabian Röder Avatar
    Fabian Röder

    The build is verry nice!
    I build it with my own spacers ;)

  9. Victor de Schaetzen Avatar
    Victor de Schaetzen

    Where can I find the 3D print file?

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