FuriousFPV Piko BLX Flight Controller

Check out this flight controller and PDB combo: FuriousFPV Piko BLX. Not only does the FC+PDB integration makes sense. but it’s a F3 with SPI gyro in a 20×20 mounting format. Made for micro multirotor frames. And supports quad or hex configuration.

Since FuriousFPV came on the scene, I swear it feels like there’s finally a company that have looked into my lab or can read my mind. ;) Thier recently released electronics, are looking really sweet.

How it compares to the small AfroMini or CC3D Atom board I have used on my other builds. Yet it is F3 with SPI gyro, BetaFlight and RaceFlight ready…with built in PDB and transponder support. As well as LC Filter.

More and more frames are being designed around the 20mm mounting holes. Here is the rest of the dimensions in case you guys are wondering.IMG_9383-195 IMG_9466-199 IMG_9466-198

For those frames with 30.5mm flight controller mounting holes, you can print an adapter such as this. (Thanks to slovenian6474 for sharing)piko_20_30_5_adapter

I printed an alternate version in TPU and pulled the nubs through. So I don’t need to use screws at the 20mm holes.piko_20_30_5_adapter_SCX200

My recently completed QuattroVolante Q-Carbon is the first quad I built with the Piko BLX FC. It made the wire runs so neat. And the PDB integration help to keep the weight down and build process easy. I soldered the 5v tolerant 200mw VTX directly to the 5v rails on the Piko FC and it was noise free. Perfectly clear video feed.

I am looking forward to the Kombini, their bigger, 30.5mm version with built in current sensor and PDB that can handle higher current. Their pipeline is also full with many upcoming releases that FPVer will love. However, for the smaller frames that need high amps… there is a seperate PDB that can stack with the Piko BLX.




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2 responses to “FuriousFPV Piko BLX Flight Controller”

  1. MrSatoV Avatar

    Is that vTX the one from RCTimer? And did you buy/download the STL for the frame or did you just buy the pre-printed version? Looks like probably you printed yourself, just want to make sure.
    Love the look of the frame! Would be nice to see the completed frame.
    Kombini performed well for me, but USB connectors fell off pretty easily and were impossible to solder back on. I did this with two of them.

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      If you purchased the Quattrovolante frame, you can request the STL file from the creator.

      Sorry to hear about your USB woes. Some FC has this problem. I usually take a look and add extra solder to anchor the USB to the board more. Usually if the USB falls of, you can still fix it. If you’re in the San Diego area, I would help you with that.

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