QuattroVolante Q-Carbon 130mm build

I, like many friend in this hobby, started out flying a little brushed quad that we received as a gift. That was the gateway…and from there, we kept building bigger and more powerful. Faster. Eventually, we find that we can not fly our fast FPV quad everywhere… so we look for something smaller that can retain that feeling of speed and excitement of flying from the pilot’s seat that FPV’er crave.

Many of us look for and build smaller quad that looks more like shrunken version of our 250class racer. There are many of them out there to choose from. So it’s refreshing to see a small 130mm brushless quad that dares to be different. The QuattroVolante Q-Carbon130 is one such quad.

Here it is, built with vGood FireFly 32bit 10a ESC and 1104 4000kv motors. Spinning RotorX 3020 props.


Here it is with the top off…


Ready to fly weight without the lipo…

The FuriousFPV Piko BLX flight controller has a PDB integrated, as well as a host of other features. It makes the build process go so easily and keep everything tidy. Highly recommended.

q-carbon_piko_blx_vgood_10a_esc quattrovolante_q-carbon_red_side

The RCTimer 200mw Raceband ready VTX is super small and lightweight. It fits perfectly back here. I simply solder directly to the Piko FC’s 5v rails and I get no motor noise. Super clean video. You can see how I removed the pigtail and solder on a clover leaf antenna directly. Right above that signal/ground solder joint, I solder to the big ground point to keep any stress off the smaller signal/ground pad. Then I ziptie the antenna to the frame to give more strain relief. The push button on this VTX makes channel switching very easy.

The Q-carbon flies amazing. I flash the Piko FC with Raceband and using Multishot protocol for the ESC. I am finding myself reaching for this little quad more and more…and flying in places that I felt was too small for the bigger quad. The low noise and non threatening sound puts everyone at else.







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