vGood FireFly 32bit ESC

Nowadays, there are a couple of ESC firmware that multirotor guys are flying with. It’s generally either KISS or BLHeli enabled ESC. So it’s nice to see another company producing ESC with the ease, simplicity of KISS with great performance and smoothness…while being very receptive to feedback from the community. You can find their test thread here on RCGroups…and their representative does a great job of relaying wants/bugs/issues back to the engineers.


What I like about the vGood FireFly is that it’s 32bit and drives the motor very smoothly. It’s size is also very small for the number of amps it can handle. On my recent Q-Carbon build, I went with the 10a ESC because they are slightly smaller than the other ESC I had on hand. Including a 12a KISS one. And in these micro builds, every millimeter counts IMHO.vGood_FireFly_10a_front_back LittleBee_KISS_vGood_FireFly

Great weight for the smaller builds where every gram matters.

A mock up of how it looks on the arms. It was much easier to solder the motor wires with the extra room versus say the LittleBee 20a which sits right next to where the motor wires exit.

The vGood FireFly 10a and the FuriousFPV Piko BLX FC makes a perfect combo for the 130mm Q-Carbon frame.

The list of things I like about the vGood 32bit ESC:

  • The fast 48mHz 32bit processor with dedicated gate drivers AND hardware PWM, makes for very smooth running ESC. Similar to my KISS ESC.
  • It’s ability to adapt timing keeps desync issues at bay, including high KV motors. No guessing on what timing to set, helping keep KISS-like simplicity.
  • Active braking is enabled by default. And it has anti-stall protection to prevent the motor from burning up the ESC should it detect that the props are blocked from spinning.
  • I has an easy to use motor reversing feature. If you want your motor to spin the opposite way, you plug in your battery. And before you arm…you simply rotate that motor/prop in the direction you want it to operate. The ESC will beep signifying that it has updated it’s settings. No need to cross wires or plug in a USB flashing stick to do this simple thing.
  • Latest protocol ready and aware. OneShot and MultiShot auto detection.
  • Lastly, awesome price to performance ratio. The price is on the low end of the spectrum…yet top end performance. Nice.


Where to buy

From vGood directly
or as rebrands from

GetFPV (Silk 20a and 30a)

HobbyKing (MultiStar 32bit ESC)







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  1. huge Avatar

    dou you have any clue on how to calibrate the 32bit esc?
    Are the multistars and the v-good one to one copies?

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