Runcam Micro Swift

Thanks to local drone shop, NewBeeDrone… I was able to get my hands on the new Runcam Micro Swift. It’s a small, 5.67g CCD camera. Usually all the small cameras are CMOS based. And aren’t ideal with how it handles light and shadow transitions. Or how well it operate at night.

Looking forward to use these new Micro Swift on my upcoming builds. I hope they perform as well as the mini Swift, Swift 2 or other HS1177 type FPV camera.

The regular Swift and Mini Swift are both about 12g. New Micro Swift is 5.67g. Should be good for the 130mm class fpv drones.

The front mounting bracket is metal and takes M2 screws. The sensor legs are epoxy in, so that should help make it more robust.

The rear is a piece of plastic. No doubt to keep the weight down. I am glad to see the standard three wire connector and the two pin one for OSD menu joystick to connect to.

As of right now, I know NewBeeDrone and CatalystMachineWorks has them in stock. Runcam does as well, but shipping usually take longer from my experience. And don’t forget BangGood.



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