In the background, I have been flying FPV a lot. And enjoy the freedom of flight from that point of view. However, it’s always great to watch the speed and acrobatics from a third person perspective. To recapture that fun, I have built up the Drone Art AeonQX6 quad as a line of sight acro. So much fun and the LED makes all the difference in maintaining orientation. Even in the daytime when the sun is shining.

And LED at the arm ends help orientation so much. Difference between recovery and ditch for me.

The TPU arm guards help keep the carbon ends from delaminating. Easily replaceable or removed. And does wonders to keep the motor from having a premature end of life. You can find the STL for printing on Thingiverse: Aeon HD Motor Protector

All modern aircrafts need lights! And the more the merrier. :D

Kevlar reinforce lipo strap together with the slightly tacky lipo pads helps to keep the lipo retained for hard flying acrobatics.