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  • Runcam Micro Swift

    Runcam Micro Swift

    Thanks to local drone shop, NewBeeDrone… I was able to get my hands on the new Runcam Micro Swift. It’s a small, 5.67g CCD camera. Usually all the small cameras are CMOS based. And aren’t ideal with how it handles light and shadow transitions. Or how well it operate at night. Looking forward to use […]

  • FVT LittleBee 20A (MRM ZEUS 20) VS KISS 18A ESC

    FVT LittleBee 20A (MRM ZEUS 20) VS KISS 18A ESC

    The new “Favorite” FVT LittleBee 20a arrived into the HacksMods lab. So it’s time to take some clear shots of them and compare with the Flyduino KISS ESC. Which is still one of the highest performing multirotor electronic speed controller. The small size and light weight are great for putting on racing quads. Or burying inside […]

  • ZTW Spider 18a Lite vs KISS ESC

    ZTW Spider 18a Lite vs KISS ESC

    With DYS/RCTimer SN20a and BL20a possibly having a bad manufacturing batch. Plus, you lose about 10% thrust versus competiting ESC. One of the new ESC some of us have started buying instead are the ZTW Spider 18a Opto Lite as some retailers are calling them. Performance seems good so far. We’ll learn how their fare […]

  • RCTimer and DYS SN20a ESC versus KISS

    RCTimer and DYS SN20a ESC versus KISS

    I got the new RCTimer SN20a ESC in today. These are the new crop of ultralight and small ESC, using the latest MOSFET tech. It all started with Flyduino’s KISS ESC. The first thing I did was desolder all the wires. Then gave it a quick inspection. Follow by some photographs of them sidebyside with the KISS […]

  • Mini CC3D board

    Mini CC3D board

    I have a CC3D board that I hope to build a second ZMR250 with. So I can play with OpenPilot and compare to the Acro Naze 32 flight controller board running CleanFlight. I always like small, lightweight components on my mini and micro quadcopter builds. So it’s with great interest to see the mini CC3D Atom board. […]

  • Nano QX Paper Canopy

    Nano QX Paper Canopy

    Thanks to Darsh, the original creator of this 3D model. I created a few color variation of the Nano QX paper canopy. More info and original content in this RC Groups thread by Darsh. Each of the photo below links to the PDF file you can download and print. Good luck and have fun.

  • Soma’s WarpQuad

    Soma’s WarpQuad

    Just gonna share photos of the acro quad I am building. Thanks to Soma for coming up with the WarpQuad. Looks the best out of all the acrobatic quads out there. Here’s the center frames. It sandwiches the 4mm carbon fiber legs.   I switched out some of the hardware. Such as the aluminum washer […]

  • Hobby King HKing 10a Brushless ESC

    Hobby King HKing 10a Brushless ESC

    Lovely spring weather means I am antsy to build and fly again. I am planning on using this Hobby King HKing 10a brushless ESC in a 230mm size acro quad. Not sure if it will be able to endure SunnySky 2204 2300kv with 3s lipo but I like the physical size…so I will give it […]

  • Sizes of Quads Compared

    Sizes of Quads Compared

    We’re talking mixing and matching quads parts to build “FrakenQuads” on the RCGroups thread: Blade nQX FC board on mQX & Ladybird size quads I know there lots of newbies looking to do this, but wasn’t sure of the relative sizes when we talk about mQX size or Ladybird size. We use those terms because […]