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HiSky HT-8 and FF120 Board Pics

To help those of you hacking the FF120/mQBot Micro flight controller, here are some photos.

You can see some pads underneath.

Here’s the transceiver used. Clearly seen with the shield taken off. I foolishly attempted to desolder the shield. Then I saw that the shield can actually just pop off. Very nice. :)

And here’s the FF120/qBot micro flight controller.

And here’s the bottom as requested:

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WLToys v939 Flight Controller

I received my v939 flight controller aka RX board. And I had to look up the motor direction to ensure I installed the board properly.

For those using this FlySky compatible flight controller, here’s an image of the board with the motor direction annotated as well as where the motor should be plugged into.

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Traxxas QR-1 is the Hubsan X4

Many hobbyist on the forums have been enjoying the Hubsan X4 micro quadcopter. Now that Traxxas is bringing that quad to the US market under then guise of the QR-1, many more people will get to enjoy this tiny little quad copter.

We all have seen photos of how small the X4 is, but check out the X4 spare replacement canopy/fuselage on top of a business card. ($4.99 on BangGood or just $6.00 from a US source: MassiveRC)

Hubsan X4 and Traxxas QR-1 Replacement Canopy Fuselage

It weighs 8.23g and is a direct fit on the Traxxas QR-1 for those of you who like the black/white look of the X4 fuselage.

Some reference links.

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GWS EP5443 Props

I just got some GWS EP5443 props in from Banggood. Users on the HeliFreak thread mentioned that it improved performance of their mQX. RCGroups also has a couple of threads (New GWS props for mQX and EZ v929 Performance Prop Upgrade) about these GWS props, and most say it’s an improvement over the stock props.  So, I have been wanting to try these for a while now.

I got mine in from Banggood for about $1 a piece when ordering 3 or more.

The first users of this prop on Helifreak said the prop did not have an inner ridge that prevents binding on the bearings. However, the version I got from Banggood does have this inner ridge. That’s a good thing, because it allows the prop to properly ride on the bearing.

It has a pretty aggressive looking pitch angle, that changes as it moves from the center to the tip. So some waviness that I thought the props may have been damaged during it’s journey to me. But once compared to the other 16 I purchased, it was evident that the waviness is intentional.

I like the fact that the GWS EP5443 prop weigh 1.68g versus the stock WLToys prop weight of 1.91g. So it’s more similar to the mQX props, weighing in at 1.62g.

Profile view of the WLToys prop versus the GWS EP5443 prop.

Top view of the WLToys prop versus the GWS EP5443 prop.

From reading the thread, the general consensus is the EP5443 prop is a vast improvement over the stock WLToys prop. However, I see mention that you must  balance them first before using. It was refreshing for me to find that they flew fine out of the package. The prop tracks well. I also took off the gear so the shaft can spin freely on it’s bearing when held horizontally. The balance of the prop seems good when tested that way as well. Not certain if the ones carried by BangGood are better than the ones people are buying from GoodLuckBuy.

Anyways, enough of all that. What is my subjective opinion after flying with the new prop? I put them on my v949 and took it outside to put a couple of lipo through it. It was breezy and cold for San Diego, but the prop performs really well. It seems to be all improvement without any negatives that I can see. I didn’t crash the quad at all so I can’t comment on their durability. The v949 with these props on feels very connected to my transmitter stick movement. I like them a lot. And I will put these on my quads of this size.

I also like how different it looks. The props looks very aggressive. The only thing I wish for is the props in red. Advantage Hobby listed white versions. That means one should be able to dye the white props to any color. :) We’ll see when they get them in stock.

Edit to add:
I do find some of my GWS props can use a little balancing. I just pull off the gear and see which side is heavier. I put Kapton 1cm tape in the middle of the lighter blade. On the topside. So far, it seems like 3pieces of tape is perfect.

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Syma X1 Flight Controller

Just received my Syma X1 flight controller. Ordered from Banggood on November 26th and it just got here. If you need things right away, either pay for express shipping or find an alternative source. But Banggood’s price is usually pretty good on stuff you don’t need right away.

Syma X1 board on the left and the WLToys v929 board on the right.

Weight between the two board…

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