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  • LOS Training…new Line of Sight Quad

    LOS Training…new Line of Sight Quad

    In the background, I have been flying FPV a lot. And enjoy the freedom of flight from that point of view. However, it’s always great to watch the speed and acrobatics from a third person perspective. To recapture that fun, I have built up the Drone Art AeonQX6 quad as a line of sight acro. […]

  • FuriousFPV Piko BLX Flight Controller

    FuriousFPV Piko BLX Flight Controller

    Check out this flight controller and PDB combo: FuriousFPV Piko BLX. Not only does the FC+PDB integration makes sense. but it’s a F3 with SPI gyro in a 20×20 mounting format. Made for micro multirotor frames. And supports quad or hex configuration. Since FuriousFPV came on the scene, I swear it feels like there’s finally […]

  • vGood FireFly 32bit ESC

    vGood FireFly 32bit ESC

    Nowadays, there are a couple of ESC firmware that multirotor guys are flying with. It’s generally either KISS or BLHeli enabled ESC. So it’s nice to see another company producing ESC with the ease, simplicity of KISS with great performance and smoothness…while being very receptive to feedback from the community. You can find their test thread here […]

  • QuattroVolante Q-Carbon 130mm build

    QuattroVolante Q-Carbon 130mm build

    I, like many friend in this hobby, started out flying a little brushed quad that we received as a gift. That was the gateway…and from there, we kept building bigger and more powerful. Faster. Eventually, we find that we can not fly our fast FPV quad everywhere… so we look for something smaller that can […]

  • ZMR 250 Lite Build

    ZMR 250 Lite Build

         Alternate configuration with the battery plate. Allows more space to hide things.