er9x DSM2 MOD

Work in progress…

I got asked lots of question about enabling the Turnigy 9x, Flysky FS-TH9x transmitter to be able to use Spektrum’s DSM2/DSMX protocol. Here are some info on the Turnigy 9x mods to help you get started.

Some previous, related blog post on this topic:

If you are using a MLP4DSM RTF transmitter as the module donor:

If you are using the high power modules such as that found in the HP6DSM, DX4e or DX5e transmitter. Here are the relevant post:

  1. Grab the module from your donor transmitter. Here’s the pin out: Spektrum DSM2 module from HP6DSM
  2. Wire it up like demonstrated here: HP6DSM Module Wired Up
  3. Relocate the rear module’s antenna to make the rear module completely removable: Turnigy 9x Antenna Mod



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  1. Mark Stolle Avatar
    Mark Stolle

    In your wiring diagram for the voltage regulator shown above, you show pins 1, 2, and 3.  Which pins in the diagram are assigned to the physical positions in the picture above.

    1.  Avatar

      Hi Mark,

      Apologize for the late reply. I just saw the question you posed, but I don’t completely understand what you’re asking.

      I am going to attempt to answer, and if I am off base…please rephrase/clarify your question to help me understand. :)

      Basically, the two outer legs of that voltage regulator are “inputs” and needs to be connected to the transmitter power. Either directly to the battery. Or better yet, tapped into the 5v rails. So solder the negative leg to the ground of the transmitter. Solder the positive to one of the 5v points on the transmitter. Once you solder those two points, the regulator will take that input voltage and step down the voltage to 3.3v. It outputs that 3.3v through the middle and top legs.

      From the DSM2 module, you have three wires to connect. 

      Let’s use the HP6DSM module as an example. Search for that post to see the photo and pinout.

      On the HP6DSM, pin 1 is GND. You can connect that to the voltage regulator’s negative. Or any GND point on the transmitter.

      Pin 2 is the module power input. That needs to be connected to the middle 3.3v output legs of the regulator pictured above.

      Lastly, pin 6 on the HP6DSM module needs to be connected to the PPM pin of the transmitter.
      I’ll have to take a photo of how I wire mine up so that you guys can follow. I’ve been asked to do the mod for a number of people already, and have been refining the technique in preparation for a proper write up. Wish I had more time, but I am currently “modding” my garage with wall to wall cabinets and a customized modding workspace for myself. That’s taking up a lot of my time lately. ;)

      1. AnkoDragt Avatar

        So how do we bind it to the model? Is there any diagram? Signal is ppm in and want to get this working from the futaba trainerplug..

        1. HacksMods Avatar

          Hold down the trainer switch as you turn on the transmitter will put the radio into bind mode. Just make sure you get past any splash screen or warning screen before you let go of your bind switch (trainer switch). The DSM2 compatible model will need to be put into bind mode and it will bind up with the radio like it does with any Spektrum compatible radio.

  2. Marc Cepeda Avatar
    Marc Cepeda

    I’m sure this might sound obvious for some, but I can’t quite confirm it myself. If I do this mod, will I be able to fly my Blade SR with a TH9X?

    1. hacksmods Avatar

      Yes, you will be able to fly the Blade SR with TH9x. I personally fly/flown Blade mCPX, mSR X, mSR, mCX2, 120SR with this configuration without a hitch. Works wonderfully for the price. And love the programmability. As more and more people do this mod, we can start sharing EEPE model files. This allows you to easily share model program with other er9x users.

      1. Marc Cepeda Avatar
        Marc Cepeda

        That’s awesome. Now to fight the urge to rip the Rx off my SR and swap it w/ the 9X Rx while I wait for my smartieparts order…lol Btw, grats on the new additions to the family–both the crawler and the flyer. :D

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