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  • RCTimer and DYS SN20a ESC versus KISS

    RCTimer and DYS SN20a ESC versus KISS

    I got the new RCTimer SN20a ESC in today. These are the new crop of ultralight and small ESC, using the latest MOSFET tech. It all started with Flyduino’s KISS ESC. The first thing I did was desolder all the wires. Then gave it a quick inspection. Follow by some photographs of them sidebyside with the KISS […]

  • Mini CC3D board

    Mini CC3D board

    I have a CC3D board that I hope to build a second ZMR250 with. So I can play with OpenPilot and compare to the Acro Naze 32 flight controller board running CleanFlight. I always like small, lightweight components on my mini and micro quadcopter builds. So it’s with great interest to see the mini CC3D Atom board. […]

  • Nano QX Paper Canopy

    Nano QX Paper Canopy

    Thanks to Darsh, the original creator of this 3D model. I created a few color variation of the Nano QX paper canopy. More info and original content in this RC Groups thread by Darsh. Each of the photo below links to the PDF file you can download and print. Good luck and have fun.

  • Quick HiSky HCP100 LiPo Comparsion

    Quick HiSky HCP100 LiPo Comparsion

    I need more lipo and wanted to try something lighter weight to see how the HCP100S will do. The Hobby King Nano-Tech 330mAh made for the Trex 150 touts 45-90c. Let’s see how it matches up to the HiSky HCP100S stock 450mAh 25c pack. I have two of the HiSky 450mAh and three of the […]

  • Hubsan X4 Quad Plus updates

    Hubsan X4 Quad Plus updates

    At CES 2015, Hubsan had a good presence and brought out their new line up. Many of us are familiar with the original Hubsan X4 and it’s rebrands such as the Traxxas QR-1…as well as the many, many clones that tries to mimic the form and function of the first Hubsan X4. That does say […]

  • HiSky HCP100S BLHeli Brushless ESC

    HiSky HCP100S BLHeli Brushless ESC

    Pivotal moment for those of us who loves the opensource BLHeli brushless firmware from Steffen. HiSky’s new HCP100S double brushless micro CP helicopter comes with BLHeli firmware already flashed onboard. Not only that, the programming pads are big and accessible. BLHeli toolstick connection points… Main ESC was flashed with BLHeli 12.1. Governor modes are disabled. […]

  • Official SunnySky x2204s 2300kv versus BangGood’s

    Official SunnySky x2204s 2300kv versus BangGood’s

    I purchase some nicely priced SunnySky x2204s 2300kv from BangGood for < $16. However, I believe they are fakes. Here’s a photo comparison against the x2204s purchased from SunnySky’s official US distributor: BuddyRC.com SunnySky x2204s CW version I see that the one from BuddyRC uses thicker motor wires. And are generally neater wound versus the one […]

  • WK-Devo-S-MOD Module for Devo 7e

    WK-Devo-S-MOD Module for Devo 7e

    For those who attempted the Devo 7e range mod and did not succeed. You can purchase one of the upgrade module made for the Devo 8 and 12 to get your Devo 7e up and running again. With full range. :) BangGood still carries it for < $15. Here’s a picture of it installed. I […]

  • Devo 7e Swivel Antenna Mod

    Devo 7e Swivel Antenna Mod

    I just added a swivel antenna to the Devo 7e’s stock antenna tube. I cut and tapered the stock tube. Then used a coax to extend the connector, so I can mount at the new location. The ability to adjust the position of the antenna will optimize the RF radiation pattern. Ensuring you have a […]

  • AlienWii Flight Controllers Lands

    AlienWii Flight Controllers Lands

    Check out the AlienWii FC from Lance. They run MultiWii and has MOSFET that can handle direct driving 8.5mm brushed motors without blowing up. Here are pictures of the latest shipping AlienWii boards: Here’s a shot with the LemonRX Satellite receiver installed. Plug and play. You can get them and the awesome Chaoli motors from […]

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