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  • My 1S Charging Station

    My 1S Charging Station

    Just wanted to share my new 1S LiPo charging station. I took a 1s Micro parallel charging paraboard from Hobby KingĀ and mod it to become a serial charging board. I think this paraboard would be cheaper and easier to mod. Plus, it does not have the LED that drains the first lipo cell if you […]

  • Cheap LiPo Charging…

    Cheap LiPo Charging…

    I remember when a good, computerized charger cost hundreds of dollars. New hobbyist now has a mired of options. Here’s a inexpensive one from Hobby King that many people already know. It’s based on the Imax B6 design, which there are many clones of. I’ve used to to charge Lead Acid battery, NiCad and NiMH […]