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  • Quick HiSky HCP100 LiPo Comparsion

    Quick HiSky HCP100 LiPo Comparsion

    I need more lipo and wanted to try something lighter weight to see how the HCP100S will do. The Hobby King Nano-Tech 330mAh made for the Trex 150 touts 45-90c. Let’s see how it matches up to the HiSky HCP100S stock 450mAh 25c pack. I have two of the HiSky 450mAh and three of the […]

  • My 1S Charging Station

    My 1S Charging Station

    Just wanted to share my new 1S LiPo charging station. I took a 1s Micro parallel charging paraboard from Hobby KingĀ and mod it to become a serial charging board. I think this paraboard would be cheaper and easier to mod. Plus, it does not have the LED that drains the first lipo cell if you […]

  • Cheap HiSky FF120 and Hobby King Qbot Micro LiPo

    Cheap HiSky FF120 and Hobby King Qbot Micro LiPo

    I needed some 250mAh 1S LiPo that will fit in the battery cage of some of the micro quad that has found it’s home in my growing fleet. On the forum, many suggest the cell BangGood listed for 5@ $12 is the best performing lipo for their micro quad. I purchased them to check them […]

  • 600mAh 1S Lipo Discharge Curve

    600mAh 1S Lipo Discharge Curve

    Just sharing a discharge curve I just grabbed while cycling the new Hyperion 550mAh and Glacier 600mAh cells. Interesting result. I’ll discharge at 2A to 3.7v at a later time to see how well the cells really stack up. Preliminary results.

  • 1s LiPo Gentle Discharge Curve

    1s LiPo Gentle Discharge Curve

    Got brand new cells and starting to wake them up from slumber. So cycling them a few times at a gentle .6A discharge. Here are the graph so far… I heard some brands such as Hyperion, if properly cared for, takes 40+ cycle to break in. Wow. I think I have been killing mine in […]

  • Cheap LiPo Charging…

    Cheap LiPo Charging…

    I remember when a good, computerized charger cost hundreds of dollars. New hobbyist now has a mired of options. Here’s a inexpensive one from Hobby King that many people already know. It’s based on the Imax B6 design, which there are many clones of. I’ve used to to charge Lead Acid battery, NiCad and NiMH […]

  • WL Toys V911 Charger Mod

    WL Toys V911 Charger Mod

    Ever want to use the popular Eflite/Parkzone style batteries with your v911? Here’s a mod that uses the Hobby King mini extension plugs (Only $0.52 using BuddyCode) and fit it nicely into the V911 charger to enable you to charge both types of batteries. Simply cut the dividing bars. Easily done with an xacto knife. […]

  • E-Flite 150mAh 25c 1s LiPo Test

    E-Flite 150mAh 25c 1s LiPo Test

    I finally got a hold of the new EFlite 150mAh 25c LiPo. I was curious about this cell because a Horizon Hobby employee said that the chemistry is better than their prior 1s cells. One person on the forum noticed that the head speed of their mSR X has a higher pitch, which suggest it […]