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WLToys v939 Flight Controller

I received my v939 flight controller aka RX board. And I had to look up the motor direction to ensure I installed the board properly.

For those using this FlySky compatible flight controller, here’s an image of the board with the motor direction annotated as well as where the motor should be plugged into.

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Blade mSR 5-in-1 Board Battery Plug

Just a public service announcement regarding E-Flite’s Blade mSR 5-in-1 RX board. I learn the hard way that E-Flite has at least two revision of the 5-in-1. And between revisions, they also reversed the polarity of the battery plug. I didn’t realized this when I had to replace a fray battery plug on one of them. I took a quick glance at my old 5-in-1 board to ensure I got them soldered on the correct way.

Unfortunately for me, the two boards were different revisions and the battery plugs were suppose to be soldered on the opposite way from one another. See the photo below:

So now I have two bad 5-in-1. Major bummer, but lesson learned.

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