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WLToys v949 New Color Canopy

My buddy had his v949 in my lab so I can put on the better performing GWS EP5443 props. Like I mentioned in my earlier blog post, these props are a performance upgrade for Blade mQX, v929, v949 type quadcopters.

I took the opportunity to paint him up a canopy in his favorite color, green.

I choose a pearl green. Looks nice.

Here’s the front view:

And this is what it looks like at night:

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Syma X1 Flight Controller

Just received my Syma X1 flight controller. Ordered from Banggood on November 26th and it just got here. If you need things right away, either pay for express shipping or find an alternative source. But Banggood’s price is usually pretty good on stuff you don’t need right away.

Syma X1 board on the left and the WLToys v929 board on the right.

Weight between the two board…

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