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  • WL Toys v911 Settings for er9x

    WL Toys v911 Settings for er9x

    Here’s my v911 EEPE file that you can upload to your transmitter running the er9x firmware. It’s a good aid so you can learn and program your own. For instance, I tied the “dual rate” to the knobs. To allow for fine tuning of your rates. Therefore, for full 100% rate, make sure your AUX.1 […]

  • v911 Battery Tray Adapter

    v911 Battery Tray Adapter

    WL Toy’s v911 is a fun micro RC helicopter. But because of it’s unique battery connection, you are limited to the factory 120mAh LiPo or recently released 130mAh LiPo. Here’s a mod that takes the battery connector part and turn it into a battery tray so that you can use the popular 1s LiPo with […]

  • Using Jim Stoll’s 9958 Jig for v911

    Using Jim Stoll’s 9958 Jig for v911

    I was asked the following: Would the holes for BSX match up with holes for V911 main shaft. I plan to get this jig to make main shafts for 9958, V911, Bravo SX from 120SR tail boom. Well, the jig does a good job of keeping your drill bit straight and true. And if you […]