New E-Flite Blade mSR X

The folks at E-Flite just released a new fix-pitched micro heli. It’s similar to the popular mSR except it’s flybarless courtesy of the AS3X Digital Flybarless system that’s already in used on the mCP X.

A promotional shot of the new Blade mSR X

The new mSR X is touted to be a intermediate step up from the mSR, and not a replacement. Along with the upgrade to flybarless, they fixed some of the annoying things that initially plagued the mSR. Like the new cage around the tail motor which will help prevent the motor cap from popping off and destroying the brushes.

The mSR X comes with new 150mAh LiPo. Hopefully they are good quality cells, because it’s actually priced pretty reasonably at $3.99.

New E-flite 150mAh LiPo

The mSR X is scheduled for a mid December 2011 release. Horizon Hobby will be demoing this new heli at the iHobby Expo being held this week in Chicago. I personally can’t wait to see how it flies and the mods that will inevitably come up for it.





11 responses to “New E-Flite Blade mSR X”

  1. Redietz Avatar

    Is there any in flight video of the Blade mSR X out there?

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      Just the promotional one E-Flite just put out.

    2. Tannerjimmy Avatar

      yes there are 2

    3. Tannerjimmy Avatar

      I think more then  say 99.998% of people will crash this

      1. Iancraig10 Avatar

        Why’s that? Mine is perfect.

      2. Brian Avatar

        Its not the easiest to fly but if you bind it with a Programmable radio it will fly much better!

  2.  Avatar

    Just the promotional one E-Flite just put out.

  3. Ronc Avatar

    just got the msr x.what a had full,this thing out of the box is i think more responsive than the msr but squirrely.this as with my msr,120sr is controlled with my dx6i and horizon hobby as cheap as usual only included one battery.tomorrow i will post a video for all to see.

  4. Avenger Pilot Avatar
    Avenger Pilot

    Take this thing out and fly her in the open. I do. I have flown her in winds at 15 MPH. When I set her on the truck hood for lift off I thought the wind was going to blow her off the hood.
     Fly over grass and be prepared to land for low battery. I had this little helli about 2 trees top’s high and my battery went dead. I was flying hoops with her.
     She fell to the grass and broke both blade grip balls. That was it. I love this little helli and fly her alot. I have crashed her more times then I can count and only broke her once in that real bad dead stick crash.

    1. Avenger Pilot Avatar
      Avenger Pilot

      I did have to replace the canopy also

  5. HpNoTiQ Avatar

    Awesome lil bird. Had it about 2 weeks and bought all the upgrades Rakonheli has for it and it not only flies like a bad ass outta hell but also looks like one too. Many mods and CNC upgrades out there already and all worth well doing.

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