Month: November 2011

  • Turnigy 9x Trainer Port Resistor Mod

    Turnigy 9x Trainer Port Resistor Mod

    Update 04/27/2012 – Good news. It looks like there is no more need to cut the trace and solder in the resistor as demonstrated in this post unless you’re still running stock firmware. The latest ER9X firmware has a an option call “Enable PPMSIM” in the Radio Setup screen. It allows you to turn it […]

  • Module from MLP4DSM Wired Up

    Here’s the module taken from the MLP4DSM transmitter that comes with E-Flite RTF kits. It shows the wiring necessary for hookup to the Turnigy 9x running custom firmware that supports the DSM2 protocol. See this post for location of the 3.3v pad to solder the red wire to. I added an LED inline with the […]

  • Turnigy 9x 3.3v Location

    Turnigy 9x 3.3v Location

    The Turnigy 9x runs internally at 5v. But it also has a 3.3v regulator on the main board that is used to power the LCD. Here are a few of the locations of the 3.3v points that you can use. Make sure whatever unit you’re connecting to that 3.3v regulator doesn’t draw too much current […]

  • E-Flite Blade MLP4DSM Pinout

    I am working on hacking the MLP4DSM TX module into the Turnigy 9x. This will allow for Spektrum DSM2 capability so I can control my helicopters using the DSM2 protocol. I will write up a more detailed post once I get all the details worked out. I got it working this morning and I was […]

  • Alternate Xieda 9958 body colors?

    Interesting development. It appears that in some market, the Great Wall Xieda 9958 and 9998 has rebranded cousins… Here’s a couple of Nincoair Micro Evo 190 that appears to use the same canopy and parts as the Xieda 9958, which means that the canopy will fit the Xieda 9998 as well. Unfortunately, these units are […]