E-Flite Blade MLP4DSM Pinout

I am working on hacking the MLP4DSM TX module into the Turnigy 9x. This will allow for Spektrum DSM2 capability so I can control my helicopters using the DSM2 protocol. I will write up a more detailed post once I get all the details worked out. I got it working this morning and I was able to bind and control my mSR using the Turnigy 9x. I just need to tidy things up and come up with some step by step instructions.

Here are the pin outs from the MLP4DSM board. You’ll need to supply it 3.3v using a regulator.







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  1. oskar18 Avatar

    So the Turnigy 9x supports the DSM2 protocol, it just don’t have the correct module?

    1.  Avatar

      @oskar18: You need to be running a custom firmware like the er9x or th9x. The author of these firmware recently added the DSM2 protocol to their firmware. Prior to this, you had to create a conversion board to convert standard PPM signal into the serial equivalent that these DSM2 modules required. Now that the DSM2 protocol has been added to the firmware, it’s easy to add the module found on the MLP4DSM and it’s sibling to allow the Turnigy 9x to bind to and control DSM2 compatible receivers. It’s nice! Check out the follow link for the 3.3v connection points on the Turnigy 9x: http://www.hacksmods.com/2011/11/turnigy-9x-3-3v-location

  2.  Avatar

    Really looking forward to the full write up on this. I just got a DSM2 plane and only have the Turnigy 9x TX. Bought a MLP4DSM with the hopes to modify it for DSM2. Please share your experience!

    1.  Avatar

      Just did more reading on this blog and found the detailed instructions PDF. Thanks!

  3.  Avatar

    A friend just got the mCP X. So when he’s ready for me to mod his, I will be sure to take detail photos and do a write up. Now that the word is out, more and more people are interested, versus the early days when we’re all figuring things out on the fly. :) Also, the programmers have done a lot to solidify the DSM protocol, including adding support for model match and DSMX on modules that supports it.

  4. Alien Avatar

    Is possibible connect MLP4DSM TX in slave mode and Spektrum DX7 in master mode to user a trainer mode?
    What I need do to work?

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      I don’t know. However, I recently made a module for my Taranis based on this project:

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