Spektrum DSM2 module from HP6DSM

Here’s a X1TXN (AMTX10?) DSM2 module taken from a HP6DSM transmitter. It was easy to install into the Turnigy 9x running the latest er9x firmware. Just three wires, a diode and resistor. It works great!!!

Here’s some photos for your reference.

Front and back of the DSM2 module from the HP6DSM

Here’s the relevant pinout according to this post:
1 GND Module Ground
2 VDD Module power input
3 IRQ Interrupt Request
4 RST Reset, active High
5 MOSI Master out, slave In data
6 nSS Slave Select, Active Low
7 SCLK SPI data clock
8 MISO Master in, slave out data
9 GND Module Ground
10 XOUT Clock output from module
11 TXRX Switch antenna to transmit direction
12 RXTX Switch antenna to receive direction

Here’s a link to the post and schematic on how to hook things up.

Pin out of the X1TXN module. Only pins 1, 2 and 6 are used.

A sample of how you can implement a switch to be able to toggle between the internal DSM module and the module on the back. Here, the white LED glow seen through the speaker grill denote that the internal DSM2 module is ON. The white LED was so bright, I had to put a diffuser in it so that the pilot doesn’t get blinded. I cut the sticker from an MLP4DSM transmitter and used 3M 77 spray adhesive to turn it into a sticker. Gives it that extra fit and finish to complete the mod.

Some reference links:






26 responses to “Spektrum DSM2 module from HP6DSM”

  1. Matt F Avatar

    How did you wire the switch between the X1TXN and the Module? Did you just break the ground for whichever one you didn’t want to use with a switch? I have a FRsky Telemetry module I use with my big planes, and want to install the
    X1TXN from my broken DX5E in the 9x for my BNF micros.

    Thank you for your wonderful guides!!


    1.  Avatar

      You’re welcome.
      The way I have it rigged up is, I tapped the 5v line to the switch. One direction, and the line feeds the rear module. Push it to the opposite direction, and it goes to a regulator that converts that 5v power to 3.3v for the DSM module. It also powers the internal LED to show that that circuit is on.

      1. Befetti Avatar


        With the switch to select between two modules, how do you only use 1 antenna?


        1. hacksmod Avatar

          There are two antenna. One on the top, which the internal module uses. And each rear module has it’s own.

  2. Marc Cepeda Avatar

    Will a 1/4W resistor be suitable (for the module, not the LED)?

    1. HacksMods Avatar

      That should be fine. As long as it’s 4k7 (4700ohm).

  3. Paul Berge Avatar

    Does anyone sell these modules on their own? Or should I start looking for an HP6DSM radio on eBay?

    I have a Dx6i, but would like to keep it functional and possibly sell it if I Like the 9x enough.

    1. HacksMods Avatar

      You have to troll eBay or Craigslist. The HP6DSM, DX4e, DX5e and DX6i are all suitable doners. Obviously, the idea is to use the cheapest transmitter to hack up. $15-30 are great targets.

      The thing about the Turnigy 9x, FlySky FS-TH9x radio that makes it attractive over the Spektrum DX6i is where they can be taken. Community firmware such as er9x adds a lot of power and value. The DX6i though, is nice entry level programmable TX.

      1. Paul Berge Avatar

        Thanks, that’s what I thought. There are a few HP6DSM’s on eBay that I have my eye on right now, but I might be able to get a DX4e even cheaper.

        I have had a Dx6i for a while and I’m happy with it, but I want to move to a TX that has telemetry capabilities, so I’m going with the Turnigy 9x with er9x and FrSky module.
        I don’t really need DSMX, I just want to be able to bind to my Blade mQX and mSR using the same transmitter as my big quad. I will definitely be adding a switch to allow me to toggle between Spektrum and the FrSky module. Your site has been a great source of information on the mods for this transmitter.

        1. HacksMods Avatar

          You’re welcome. Don’t forget, if you’re just gonna be using it for micro helis and park flyers, you can simply grab the DSM2 module out of those RTF controller. They work great as well. That’s what I have in mine and I used it with micro Corsair, mSR, mCX2, mCP X, mSR X and 120SR. Many of us already have those RTF controllers, so it’s a bargain to mod the T9x with it.

          1. Paul Berge Avatar

            Good tip, but I picked up my Dx6i early and have only purchased BNF models.

            One more question. Are the number of channels specific to the modules, or is this a feature of the transmitter itself? In other words, would the module from a DX4e be able to handle more than 4 channels once installed in the 9x?

          2. HacksMods Avatar

            It’s been confirmed that all the module outputs 6chs.

          3. Benoit Miller Avatar

            I suspect the module is capable of outputting more than 6 channels… Isn’t it the same module inside the DX8? (the FCC ID and IC numbers are identical to a DX6i and DX4e)

            I haven’t heard of anyone who has tried to hook up a logic analyzer to the module on a DX8 radio like they did on the DX6i. It would be a worthwhile experiment, but finding someone willing to risk a $500 radio is the hard part :)

    2. hacksmod Avatar

      The DX4e and DX5e are also suitable donors. I remember seeing a site that sells just the bare module. Can’t find it now.

      I know there are lots of DX4e sitting in the closet somewhere. The DX4e are usualy bundled with the Blade micro CP helis. And shortly afterwards, many owners purchase DX6i. So I am sure they sit unused somewhere.

  4. john watters Avatar
    john watters

    John Watters
    Is it possible to modify the HP6DSM Tx so that the rate function switch will operate on the ailerons of a bind and fly model. E-flight Suhoi for example. I do have a Multiplex Tx which has been fitted with Flysky 2.4 conversion and works very well. Or do I have to go and get, another transmitter?

    1. HacksMods Avatar

      Unfortunately I do not know the answer to your question. I’ve always pulled apart the module and haven’t even looked at what the HP6DSM radio is capable of.

      On that Multiplex, are you sure it’s not the FrSky protocol? Flysky and Frsky are different. With the latter the preferred protocol for it’s robustness. Even better than the aging DSM2 protocol.

      1. john watters Avatar
        john watters

        Many thanks for your reply. Yes you are correct, it is the FrSky fitted in the Multiplex. It’s looking like a new Tx is needed.
        John watters

  5. Niezam Avatar

    How to bind this X1TXN (or maybe also same to other RF Board)?
    Usually we push the Bind Button while switch on the Tx. But with this modification, where to get the bind button?

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      Same as on the Spektrum radio. You hold the trainer switch as you turn on the power. That puts the X1TXN into binding mode. Easy huh? :D

      1. Niezam Avatar

        My another silly question. How to bind if the Tx it self didn’t have trainer port/switch (not 9x radio). What actually trainer switch do, cut signal to module and switch signal to trainer port? If yes, so i can put a push button to cut the signal for binding procedure at Tx without trainer switch.

        1. hacksmod Avatar

          You may want to pose the same question on the 9xforum. The developer of er9x reads that forum and can possibly answer your question. I don’t thin it’s as simple as you stated though. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

  6. Roland Avatar

    i hope you can help me with a question. I am preparing a shopping list for the conversion. what i have on it so far is:

    – 4,7kohm resistor
    – 3,3V uBec (hobbyking) or a voltage regulator (i dont know which one is suitable)
    – which diode should i use? i am not experienced with diodes. can you give me please a part number if possible?

    thanks in advance and keep up the good work!
    regards, roland

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      Any diode will do. We will be installing them in reverse like you see in the photos. I just pull them out of old electronics. They are usually full of stuff like that.

      The ones needed are very common. Radio Shack even carries them.

  7. Tobias Avatar

    Hello i have one of these and in interested in installing it into a radio i have for ground use. and i need to know what pins i need to use to be able to bind a reciver?

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      I don’t know how to install it into just any radio. The mod was for installing into a ER9X or OpenTX firmware capable radio. Because they coded it to be able to output the serial DSM2/DSMX output so the module can work.

      If you got the right radio. Then binding is the same as the Spektrum radio. Hold down the trainer switch as you turn on the radio. This puts the radio into binding mode.

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