Xieda 9958 Old vs New 5-in-1 RX

Just a quick post showing my previous Xieda 9958 5-in-1 versus the new one I just received.

Some components are moved around and the LED has been moved to the rear. This will allow you to easily see when your 9958 successfully reconnected with your transmitter upon insertion of a battery. Previously, it was hard to tell since the servo does not move and the LED is out of sight inside the canopy.

Xieda 9958 Old versus New 5-in-1 RX

Let us know if you spot any other changes.







2 responses to “Xieda 9958 Old vs New 5-in-1 RX”

  1. Victor Joukov Avatar

    Do you have somewhere a wire connection picture or schema? I am building a 9958 out of spare parts (for fun), but I don’t have a assembled one. I only can guess how motors are connected (it is thoroughly copied from MCX as far as I can tell). Also I wonder, do you have any info on the processor chips on these Chinese helis? They did not bother to wipe out the chip designation – you can’t find such chips on the Internet anyway! Similar chips are used in DH 9116 and V911.

    1. HacksMods Avatar

      I’ll have to include a photo with the wire position marked. But looking at the photo above, it would be Main Motor Neg, Main Motor Positive, Tail motor Positive, Tail motor Negative.

      The positive point in the middle is connected. So from the factory, it’s usually a common blob of solder that the main and tail motor are soldered to.

      I don’t have any additional info on the Chinese heli. I know Blade Heli like to wipe out the chip identifying info, and cover up the pins in epoxy. Problem is, on crashes, the hard epoxy cracks and lifts the IC leg…causing intermittent failure. It’s a issue since the mSR days and they still continue to do that. So on all my Blade helis, the RX is more susceptible to versus these Chinese clones, which takes a beating and keeps on ticking.

      My favorite is a 9958 with a v911 RX.

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