Month: January 2012

  • Xieda 9958 Heatshrink Tail Motor Holder Mod

    Xieda 9958 Heatshrink Tail Motor Holder Mod

    Here’s an easy mod for those of you who fly with the tail fin removed because it requires heatshrink where the tail fin normally sits. The goal is to prevent the tail motor holder from sliding up the boom and severing your tail motor wires. Securing the tail motor holder is important on the 9958 […]

  • v911 Battery Tray Adapter

    v911 Battery Tray Adapter

    WL Toy’s v911 is a fun micro RC helicopter. But because of it’s unique battery connection, you are limited to the factory 120mAh LiPo or recently released 130mAh LiPo. Here’s a mod that takes the battery connector part and turn it into a battery tray so that you can use the popular 1s LiPo with […]

  • Weight Difference Between Bravo SX and v911 RX

    Here’s a couple of comparision photos showing the weight difference between the Bravo SX and v911 RX. Some of you want to be able to use the v911 RX in your Nine Eagles Bravo SX and Solo Pro.

  • Video of 9958-BSX

    Video of 9958-BSX

    Here’s a video I made of the Xieda 9958 with Bravo SX head. The Bravo SX and Solo Pro head are the same. You can use either one. See this post:

  • Using Jim Stoll’s 9958 Jig for v911

    Using Jim Stoll’s 9958 Jig for v911

    I was asked the following: Would the holes for BSX match up with holes for V911 main shaft. I plan to get this jig to make main shafts for 9958, V911, Bravo SX from 120SR tail boom. Well, the jig does a good job of keeping your drill bit straight and true. And if you […]

  • Jim Stoll’s CNC Drilling Jig for Xieda 9958

    I just wanted to share a drilling jig that Jim Stoll made for us Xieda 9958 modders and hacker. I came across his jig on one of the forum. As a hobbiest, he created a drilling jig so he can make new main shaft for the mCPX helis. I guess going CP means more likeliness […]

  • Xieda 9958 Metal Blade Ball Mod

    Here’s a mod to try if you happen to have some broken 9958 blades you want to resurrect. Use MicroHeli mSR aluminum balls. Drill a hole were the ball broke off and screw on one of the MicroHeli ball to resurrect your 9958 blades.

  • Link Guides O-Ring Mod

    Link Guides O-Ring Mod

    How many of you are breaking off the link guides like I am prone to doing during hard crashes? I put some 9958 canopy grommets on them and hopefully they reduce the breakage rates. Give it a try and let me know if works out for you. I use tweezers to open up the o […]

  • 1S LiPo Discharge Curves

    I am searching for the best performing 1s LiPo for the money. Here’s the discharge curve for some of the cells I had on hand. Keep in mind that the Hyperion is brand new. The NanoTech are relatively new as well as the 9958’s stock cells. Only the Turnigy 160 has been well used. I […]