Jim Stoll’s CNC Drilling Jig for Xieda 9958

I just wanted to share a drilling jig that Jim Stoll made for us Xieda 9958 modders and hacker. I came across his jig on one of the forum. As a hobbiest, he created a drilling jig so he can make new main shaft for the mCPX helis. I guess going CP means more likeliness to break main shafts. Well, soon enough, he was making jigs for friends and forum members.

So I approached him, hoping he can do something similar for us Xieda 9958. That way, we have something that takes the guesswork out of making carbon fiber main shafts for the 9958. The photos below are the result of that collaboration. It’s really a labor of love for Jim and a way to pay it forward. At least that’s the feeling I get from collaborating with him over the holiday break.

The CNC machined aluminum jig will help help you drill your holes at the appropriate locations while keeping the bit straight and perpendicular. The bottom edge serves as a guide as to where to cut. It really simplifies the whole process for those of you who want to experiment with the various heads on your 9958. Switching from a metal main shaft to a CF one shaves about 0.8g. That’s pretty significant.

The best part is, the jig itself is pretty inexpensive. Go to http://stollstuff.com and email Jim to get one of your own.







2 responses to “Jim Stoll’s CNC Drilling Jig for Xieda 9958”

  1. Brosol Avatar

    Would the holes for BSX match up with holes for V911 main shaft.   I plan to get this jig to make main shafts for 9958, V911, Bravo SX from 120SR tail boom.

    1.  Avatar

      Brosol: I’ll make a post about it shortly. Hopefully it will help others as well.

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