E-Flite 150mAh 25c 1s LiPo Test

I finally got a hold of the new EFlite 150mAh 25c LiPo. I was curious about this cell because a Horizon Hobby employee said that the chemistry is better than their prior 1s cells. One person on the forum noticed that the head speed of their mSR X has a higher pitch, which suggest it was turning at a higher RPM than their Hyperion 160. That with the MSRP of $5.99 and Horizon Hobby listing it for a reasonable $3.99, it made me want to get one to put to the test. This proved to be difficult to find as it’s out of stock everywhere. The times when it came in stock at my local hobby shop, they marked it up at $9.99. This is the Hobbytown in Escondido. They also marked up the Hyperion 160mAh to $9.99 that can usually be found for $6.95 elsewhere.

New E-flite 150mAh LiPo

Anyways, finally found one at Discount Hobby Warehouse for $5.99. My curiousity got the best of me and I grab a single cell for testing. Now, bare in mind that the performance can vary from cell to cell. And I like to have at least three cells to give a better representation of it’s performance. But it’s interesting to see the result nonetheless.

It was nicely packaged. Weighs in at 4.4g. You can reduce that slightly if you remove the sticker because it wraps around the entire cell, with a little tab on one end. Anyways, make sure to click on the graph below to view it full size.

I need to grab a new order of Turnigy 160 and Turnigy Nano-Tech 160 from HobbyKing to see if those cells are really that bad or the ones I have are just worn. I also have some MiniAviation 180mAh coming from the UK. Will put that to the test once they arrive.






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  1. jacky chen Avatar
    jacky chen

    interesting results. I had expected the nano tech to be better as I recall having seen another test done on them somewhere which showed them to be at least better than the 20c eflite.

    1.  Avatar

      Hi Jacky,
      The NanoTech can be good. But seems like there’s no quality control. So it’s depends on if you get a good one. I tested 5 of them, and the two best curves are shown in the graph above. :(
      They are still great cells to buy if you purchase with a buddy code for $1.06. For newbies and those who don’t push their heli hard, they fly just fine. But when one gain more experience, you can definitely see a huge difference in climbout power with the better cells. Between the Turnigy 160 and Nano-Tech 160. I’d pay the extra money and get the Turnigy 160. It’s discharge curve is consistently better than the Nano-Tech for some reason.

      Also, based on your comment…I suspect you confused the new E-Flite 150mAh 25c cells with the older E-Flite 150mAh cells. These new cells are much, much better and were newly developed to feed the power hungry Blade mSR X heli. In fact, it’s still hard to find these new E-Flite cells in stock at most places.

  2. Jeff Filler Avatar
    Jeff Filler

    Hello, You have some great info on this site, Thank you.
    As to the V911 you say that some of the Solo pro parts fit , I would like to know if they are the Pro 100 parts . Thank you

    1.  Avatar

      The Solo Pro 260A is the heli the v911 borrowed many of it’s design from. The Solo Pro 100 is the new heli and is a flybarless 3D capable heli, so it’s parts aren’t compatible as far as I know.

      Is there a reason you’re looking to use Solo Pro 100 parts? Or compatible parts for the matter. The v911 parts can be ordered online and are pretty cheap from the likes of Banggoood. Only drawback is it takes a couple of weeks to get here though from China.

  3. mhm Avatar

    Be very interested to see results of the mini aviation cells. I have some turning up soon too.

    1. HacksMods Avatar

      I don’t think they sell these 180mAh LiPo anymore. It’s their older technology anyways. So I didn’t do a complete comparision. However, you can get a glimpse of it’s performance in my Waking a LiPo up from storage post:

      I need to grab me some of the new MA 190mAh to test in the new Blade nano CP X that I just got. I think the 190mAh will be good cells for it. Is the MA 190 the one you just bought?

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