v911 Main Gear Alternatives

I was given a Xtreme Productions delrin main gear for the Solo Pro. So I took the weight differences between the v911, Solo Pro and Xtreme.

The v911 is the lightest, and very slightly thinner than the other two.

Here’s the weight of the stock v911 main shaft compared to the Solo Pro’s carbon fiber main shaft. In case you’re wondering, the Solo Pro main shaft is a drop in fit. No mods needed.







2 responses to “v911 Main Gear Alternatives”

  1. David Jenkins Avatar

    Just curious if I could send you a picture of my servo control arm positions on my V911 vers.2. They aren’t horizontal, flat, But the swash seems level. And the second question I have is them talking about adjusting the turnbuckles, I honestly don’t know what they are?? Or how to adjust, and if I do, what will it change?? I understand the difference between the outer and inner holes on the servo arms. Just confused about the other two, turnbuckles, and ideal servo arm positions.

    Thank you in advance for your help!!!

    Dave at: savroof@yahoo.com

  2. David Jenkins Avatar

    One other question, I have bought five 200 mA batteries for my V911. They weigh more and are longer in length than the stock batteries. Would you recommend putting some putty or a “bb”, in the canopy nose to balance the CG? It’s obviously tail heavier with the bigger batteries. Thank you again!!


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