Cheap LiPo Charging…

I remember when a good, computerized charger cost hundreds of dollars. New hobbyist now has a mired of options. Here’s a inexpensive one from Hobby King that many people already know. It’s based on the Imax B6 design, which there are many clones of.

Currently charging a v929 500mAh LiPo

I’ve used to to charge Lead Acid battery, NiCad and NiMH packs. LiION for my camera and LiPo packs for my RC stuff. It’s pretty verstile.

I was delighted to find that you can get a TTL-serial USB adapter and hook it up to the computer to log a battery’s discharge curve like I was able to in this post.

With a parallel charging leads, you can charge many 1s cells, like the ones used with the Xieda 9958, mSR, v911, Solo Pro, v929, etc…

Anyways, this is what you need to buy:

There’s debates on the safety of charging cells in parallel. Hyperion is a reputable LiPo manufacturer and they have a 1S Parallel Adapter for sale. You can purchase this for charging 6 Eflite style 1s in parallel instead of the Hobby King harness above: Hyperion Micro 1S Battery Parallel Adapter (HP-LGUM6PADAP)

Another charger that caught my eye is the Gens Ace iMars.

I think it function similar to the Accucel-6, but it has a nicer updated casing IMHO. Plus, it can do internal resistance reading. Some newer model Accucel-6 with a IR sticker on the box has this ability too…but getting it is a hit an miss currently. Remember, there are tons of other chargers out there.

More reading on parallel charging:
About parallel charging of Lixx/PB packs

And since I am playing with the WL Toys v929 Quad most of the time nowadays…here’s the battery I have tried for it so far.

I like the stock v929 battery for it’s weight, size and relative performance. But at roughly $5-$6, I rather buy the Turnigy Nanotech 600mAH @$2.58. It actually works really well. I got a bunch more in so I’ll take a closer look, but for the price, I think it’s a good solution for the v929, mQX, Solo Pro 328, Blade 120SR.





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  1. Quique Avatar

    Then if you connect with the parallel cable four 1s 500mah for the V929 , you can setup the charger to 1s( 3.7v) and 50mah , without risk???

    I suposse that all four batteries must be at the same voltage ( discharged)

    Sorry for my english.


    1. HacksMods Avatar

      You have the right idea. It’s best to have all the cell close to the same voltage for safety. The only issue is, I am not sure you made a typo or not. 50mah seems kindda low. How many C do you like to charge your LiPo at? 1C, 2C, 3C?

      You can view this document put out by Hyperion. They know their stuff. The examples and the tables are for the smaller 1S LiPo, however the principal are the same for the 500mah 1S cells as well.

      If you still have questions afterwards, you can post it here again. Hope that helps. :D

  2. Tim Avatar

    What would be the best way to discharge all batteries before Parallel charging? I bought an Accucel-6 and plan on charging v929 batteries from a harness setup.

    Many thanks,

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