New WL Toys v949 (v929 with LED)

Looks like the latest revision of the v929 with the LED light stripe and transmitter that can turn on/off those lights are available for preorder over at BangGood. They are calling it the v949 to distinguish it from the v929. It looks like you get a new type of canopy also. Estimated date of arrival is 9/15/2012.






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  1. KoekieMonster Avatar

    HI, I have the controller board of this and built a quadcopter with it, I just can’t figure out how to control the LED’s from a turnigy 9x (ER9X). Do You have any clue?

    1. HacksMods Avatar

      Not yet. Still waiting on my v949 to arrive. Will explore once it does. :) Until then, hopefully you’ll figure it out and share. :D

  2. Thorsten Schneider Avatar
    Thorsten Schneider

    Hey there,

    Any news on the lights with 9X?

    Greetings from Germany!

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      Sorry. Been busy with other modding project. :D WLToys switch the operation of the v949 board on us. So it no longer controls the light. And I don’t have a v929 board with ports for LED light to test personally. :(

  3. Thorsten Schneider Avatar
    Thorsten Schneider

    No problem! I don’t understand what you mean with “…switch the operation on us…”.
    I have a 929 board with LED plugs. 949 LEDs allready ordered. Maybe i can get through it…

  4. Thorsten Schneider Avatar
    Thorsten Schneider

    Arg…no success…i tried different combinations with the lights inside open9x…mixers…switches…NOTHING.
    If someone has further ideas…your welcome! :)

    1. Roger Nordin Avatar

      If you want the LED lights on, and is satisfied with having them permanently on, all it takes is soldering in a little wire. See here

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