Night Flying Colors

Each time the local flying group meets, it’s under the cover of darkness. No, we’re not spies, secret agents or drug dealers (inside joke) or anything like that. It’s just the best time to meet at the park for some flying is when the kids are down for bed and daddy duties are over. I have some of my micro FP heli modded with lights. It helps with night time orientation tremendously.

So, it was on once I learn about the availability of UV LED. I just placed an order for some rated at ~365nm wavelength and som at ~395-400nm. We’ll see how well they work to light up the fluorescent paint.

Here’s a photo I took under a black light compact fluorescent bulb.

The paint was so bright it felt like it was a light source.

Here are the colors I have so far. Fluorescent blue and green are on it’s way. So far, the yellow is the brightest and most vibrant.


I’ll create a new post if this experiment pans out. :)


See updates in the comments section below.






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  1. HacksMods Avatar

    On my friend’s mSRX. He was going through motors. The last straw was when a new motor only lasted him 2 weeks. So we bought a Nine Eagles Bravo SX motor, pulled the 7teeth pinion on it and installed a 8teeth pinion. It’s lasted since the brushless mSRX post I made.

    The Bravo SX motor doesn’t have the same pop as the original mSRX motor, but for most mSRX pilot, I think it’ll be fine. Good thing is, it’s not burning out like the original motor was prone to do. :)

    Other than that, I suggest a brushless mSRX. I wrote a post on how I did it.

    It flies the way the mSR X should have flown from the factory. Prior to that, I felt the mSR X lacks the ability to maintain altitude in fast forward flight. After putting on the brushless motor, it was able to fly and pop accelerate like I think it should from the start. That’s the direction I would recommend people go once they are comfortable piloting their mSRX in it’s stock state and are ready to replace the brushed motor.

  2. Marc Cepeda Avatar

    Is this a special group one has to be a member of or just a group of friends you have? I was just wondering because I’ve just moved here to SD and figured it’d be nice to meet some ppl in the local RC heli scene.

    1. HacksMods Avatar

      Funny. Didn’t realize you’re in San Diego. It’s not a exclusive club at all. It’s very informal. We all met via the RCGroups forum. One by one, in a matter of months. All thanks to the 9958 and v911 heli. Generally, someone gets an itch to fly and send out an email…asking what’s the best night to gettogether. And it goes from there. What’s your email address?

      1. Marc Cepeda Avatar

        Awesome! It’s (just delete this when you get it). Thanks! :)
        My move from Chula Vista to Kearny Mesa this weekend is proving to be a better and better idea every day.

  3. wannabe_pilot Avatar

    wow this is awesome. i literally had this idea like three weeks ago. how are you going to apply the paint? i was going to use fluorescent spray for the bottom of the blades and have the UV LED point up.
    haven’t been on rcgroups in a while, but i’m trying to move back to SD (hopefully soon) and i’d love to come fly with you guys

    1. HacksMods Avatar

      Cool. Let us know when you’re back in SD. I plan on using an airbrush of course. The hobbyist tool of choice to apply paint evenly. :D We’ll see once the UV LED arrives if it’ll work out.

  4. HacksMods Avatar

    Got the 395-400nm LED in. It was cheap. 100 for 7bucks or something like that. It’s like a purple/violet light. Very dim. It does work as a blacklight…but it’s kindda too faint for the purpose I want to use it for.

    The 365nm LED just came in and I haven’t tested it yet. It was more expensive at $3 for two. Hopefully it fares better.

    1. HacksMods Avatar

      I got the 365nm wavelength LED in as well. And some 0603 smd UV led. They are all to dim to be of much use by themselves. If you cluster them, it can be usable.

      I personally like putting a 1203(?) white SMD under the canopy and it’ll glow the whole canopy better than the black light LED. :(

      It doesn’t seem that great for uplighting flourescent painted propeller either. That was what I was hoping to do.

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