v929 RX with LED Connectors Available

I know many have been awaiting the “rev3” v929 that has the LED and ability to switch it on/off from the TX. Aaron from BangGood just leaked that that revision will be available next month.

In the mean time, that version’s RX board with the LED connectors is already available.

You can purchase it here:

WLtoys V929 Beetle 4-Axis UFO Spare Parts Upgraded Recieving Board V929-06

Many of us are hoping that the ability to turn on/off the LED from the TX means that the RX has 5channels. Which may possibly mean we can use that 5th channel for other purpose. A 5channel micro quad flight controller for $13 is awesome.







3 responses to “v929 RX with LED Connectors Available”

  1. Alex Avatar

    could the LEDs also be switched on/off with a stock V929 transmitter?

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      I think WLToys latest v929 AND v949 boards behave the same way. In that, the LED can be triggered on and off when in 100% rates IF your stock transmitter has a working top right button.

  2. paul Avatar

    Hey, i have JR-WL-FD02R-1 board – bought quadro with that board for 1USD [long story, nevermind] – the question is – what transmitter do i need? I’m in proces of buying Turnigy 9XR with 2.4GHz FS TM-002 module – will this work? have seen videos that shoved that it is posible, but they never show used module :/

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