Month: September 2012

  • Nano CP X mTDR Canopy

    Nano CP X mTDR Canopy

    The following is a paper canopy I just folded, based on CyLLiKA’s work. Paper is a blue cardstock with a nice sheen/texture. Got it on sale from Michael’s craft store for $0.12. Each 12×12 can make at least two canopy. The core of the paper is the same as the surface. So your cut lines […]

  • Blade Nano CP X Canopy

    Blade Nano CP X Canopy

    Do you need a new canopy for your new Nano CP X without having to pay the $12.49 Horizon Hobby charges for a replacement? Well, you’re in luck because the Solo Pro and V911 canopies fit perfectly on the Blade nCPX. You can find these replacement canopies for as low $0.99 at oversea retailer. Or […]

  • Blade nano CP X porn

    Blade nano CP X porn

    Some people are still waiting on their package to arrive. What better way to past the time than to look at some heli porn? Uploading some clean shots of the new Blade Nano CP X for your viewing pleasure.

  • v929 New Canopy

    v929 New Canopy

    Here’s a peek at what I’ve been working on. A v929 canopy made from clear PETG. That way, I can paint from underneath like one commonly does to lexan bodies for R/C cars. This prevents the paint from getting scuffed up during crashes. I tried my best to balance weight and durability with this canopy. […]