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Do you need a new canopy for your new Nano CP X without having to pay the $12.49 Horizon Hobby charges for a replacement? Well, you’re in luck because the Solo Pro and V911 canopies fit perfectly on the Blade nCPX. You can find these replacement canopies for as low $0.99 at oversea retailer. Or check eBay for dealers in the states.

The top mounting position fits perfectly. Then you can leave at is and punch a new hole for the lower mount, or trim the lines for a custom look.

This mods pros and cons list:


  • The v911’s canopy is much, much, much more durable over the stock nCPX. Weighs ~2.25g. The Solo Pro canopy weighs ~1.85g. (Depending on how you trim.)
  • very affordable. MyRCMart carries them from $0.99. Or order from
  • alternate look, lines to your nCPX.
  • Easy, simple mod!
  • No leftover holes that says, look…I re-purposed a canopy from another model.
  • Paint scheme and words removable with nail polish remover so you can repaint as you like.
  • Bonus: A good way to hide your new purchase from the significant other. Disguised as a cheap $20 chinese FP heli.


  • Heavier than stock (1.58g)
  • No Blade/nano CPX branding on the heli.

Here’s a red v911 canopy as it is.

Very easy, moderate trimming and you can reshape the canopy to your liking. Here’s one variation. I didn’t punch the hole yet. You can angle the canopy up or down before you punch that second hole. It fits over the battery tray perfectly, and you can still insert the battery all the way forward.

An alternate view.

Here’s what it looks like with yellow Nine Eagles Solo Pro styling. It’s very vibrant and actually matches the nCPX yellow tail better than the nCPX’ own canopy does.

The Solo Pro’s canopy material is similar to the nCPX’ stock canopy. The v911 canopy however, is a very durable plastic. That’s the one to get for durability. Or get them all. It’s cheap!!!

Here’s the Solo Pro in blue. Also known as the Soars in some parts of the world.

The blue v911 canopy looks like this:

The v911 also comes in it’s default Black and Orange pattern that reminds me of Trex RC helicopters.

There’s also the yellow and white version of the clone v911 heli, which doesn’t have the intake scoop at the top.

Anyways, hope those are good leads to finding cheap canopies that fits your new Blade Nano CP X. They take a much better beating than the stock nCPX canopy. Important if you’re going to be doing 3D. :)

Additional Resources:
Link to discussion thread on HeliFreak.



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17 responses to “Blade Nano CP X Canopy”

  1. Danny Bennett Avatar
    Danny Bennett

    This is perfect! Thanks.

  2. Mark Reiff Avatar
    Mark Reiff

    How did you punch the lower hole and make it look factory? It even has the dimple.

    1. HacksMods Avatar

      I haven’t punched the lower holes yet. I didn’t want to cut up that many bodies because they are for my v911 and Solo Pro. They were put on just to demonstrate the way they look.

      I use an xacto (hobby knife) to start the hole. Make it big enough to fit the body grommet in. It’s simple. If you have a body or hole reamer, even better. But it’s pretty simple to do. Worth the time and effort IMHO.

  3. Shaun Avatar

    Where did you find the matching color tail fin? It even has “NANO” on it. The stock ones only come in yellow and blue.

    1. Marc Cepeda Avatar

      I think that’s Daryoon’s Sharpie magic. I was tempted to try it for my blue canopy, but I’m sure it won’t work as well as red on the yellow color.

  4. hifinsword Avatar

    Great find!

  5. SHY Avatar

    Well, I think you have a great blog – fantastic pics – excellent advise!!!

    1. HacksMods Avatar

      Thank you very much. Appreciate the reply. :)

  6. Mike Avatar

    Do you think the v911 tail fin would work on the Nano so then it can be a “complete set”?

    1. HacksMods Avatar

      It will, but you’ll have to use some glue. The reason is, the v911 boom is 2mm square. While the nCPX is 2mm round. It will fit on, but you have to keep it from being loose with a little glue. You’ll see what I mean. For $0.99, it worth a try. :)

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  9. Bill Avatar

    That’s awesome! What do you say when your significant other notices that your 4ch 911 is now doing 3d?

    1. hacksmod Avatar

      You will have to use the HT-8 module if you want to use the v922 with the T9x. That’s how many of us are currently running it. We’re still dialing in the optimal settings.

  10. IP camera Avatar

    thank you very much
    i like the article
    it can help me

    HT-8 module if you want to use the v922 with the T9x. That’s how many of us are currently running it. We’re still dialing in the optimal settings.

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